HRA – Can it be added to efiling when not available in FORM16

POSTED BY Swathi ON August 5, 2013 12:07 pm COMMENTS (6)

Hi Manish,

I went through your post where we can claim this under 80GG in case if the company did not have the facility to add HRA Exemption.

I work for a company where HRA exemption is allowed, unfortunately I missed to submit my rent receipts on time because of which the HRA is not considered in Form 16. Can I add this HRA during filing ?

(In Income – Head of salaries, can I deduct the amount (Rs. 1,10,000) I paid as HRA for the year Apr 2012 – Mar 2013 ?

An early response will be highly appreciated as today is the last day of submission.



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  1. Dear Shravan, & Prem, please do check your Form 26AS, the data for you income ‘ll not match with the data quoted as taxable salary in your form 16.



  2. sunil says:

    Dear All,

    Nothing should be sent to CPC bangalore, except the ITR-V form (Signed).
    Retain the documents for future.


  3. Bunker says:

    Papers and proof need to be sent only when the CPC unit or the return processing office requires you to send proof. So initially, it will only be ITR-V alone that will go to the CPC. After that the department will get back to the taxpayer for additional supporting proofs if at they require.

  4. shravan kumar says:

    @BanyanFA –

    1) looking for the reply towards Prem Nambi

    2) if in case i recompute and upload the xml, is it ok to have my f16 detail and the xml data to differ ?

  5. BanyanFA says:

    Definitely you can go ahead to put HRA details in the return. The requirement in law does not state that it should be in Form 16. You can recompute your income tax assuming the HRA figures and file for a refund claim via your return.

    1. Prem Nambi says:

      Hi Banyan, In that case do We need to send the rental receipts along the ITR Ack Form or we should just retain it and have to provide to IT dept when asked?

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