How to become a Good Stock Trader !

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  1. jago fan says:

    I think you absolutely Hemant ..

  2. Hemant B says:

    Jago Fan

    No I am not trading, there are other better things in life to do.

  3. jago fan says:

    hemant …. r u trading at current levels

  4. Hemant B says:

    Best way to become a Good Stock Trader is not trading at all.

    Stock trading is the most expensive hobby men can have.

    For Women shopping is the most expensive hobby. 🙂

  5. jago fan says:

    thanks tarun . what strategy u follow for intraday trading .

    how we know about particular bazz stock for intraday , before market hours ….

  6. Tarun Jain says:

    The only way u can make money consistently is if you are disciplined, have control over your emotions and follow money management.
    Most trader loose money because of not cutting their loss quickly. They enter trade hoping quick bucks, but if it goes other way , they keep carrying it and often say now I am investing it for long term.

    Few quick rules:

    1. Don’t follow any stock tip blindly.
    2. Plan your position size according to your capacity. “Jitni chadar ho utne he pair failao”
    Do’nt over leverage.
    3. Write down your strategy before entering the trade…
    weather it intraday, swing trade, positional or long term trade.
    what is the target, SL and maximum risk you can bear.
    4. Follow your plan and if trade doesn’t go as per plan … get out quickly .. no second thoughts. You will get thousands opportunity in future if u save ur capital.
    5. “Chalti hui Bus mein chadhne ki koshish na karein” Chott lagne ka khatra hai 🙂
    6. Don;t buy on News… because it the time stock has already run and now everyone wud be selling.
    It is a saying ” Sell on News & Buy on Rumours”
    7. Follow any technicals which you are comfortable with. Don’t follow too many technical indicators same time.
    “Too much analysis leads to paralysis”
    8. You should be ” Quick ” in making descisions… should have access to real-data.
    You should be able to switch your positions quickly both ways i.e Stop & reverse.
    9. Lastly, Do not trade everytime…. It is prudent to stay out and sit on CASH and only enter a Trade when you see an opportunity.

    Thanks & Regards,

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