How is for Mutual Fund Investment ?

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Has any one used for their mutual fund investments.

It idea sure sounds good 🙂

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  1. Manish Agarwal says:

    I am investing with Scripbox since last one year and til now they are very transparent in their activity and every thing is very simplified. Now if you feel that they are not honest in recommendation then you can surely do your own research and conclude.
    With this do not confuse mandate with minimum investment. Best thing about Scripbox is simplicity which many such online lacks which is why I chose it over others.

    Now as a disclaimer I am a customer of Scripbox and nothing beside this. Opinion given is from personal experience.

    1. Glad to know that Manish Agarwal ..

  2. SafeInvestor says:

    I have invested in both scripbox and funds india. I like both but I think in the long term scripbox might give better returns. The reason is that they have a single portfolio. this means if they don’t get it right they are out of business. so they have to be really careful in their selection. In fundsindia case they have multiple recommended portfolios so every year one portfolio or other will do well and they can claim credit for it.

    1. Thanks for sharing that SafeInvestor

  3. Bharat says:

    how can we be sure, even fund managers are playing in the market adversely mass investment means mass cheating like UTI lesson every body should learn and UTI subsidiary BANK namely AXIS flourishing now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bharat, Arakkonam

    1. Thanks for your comment Bharat

  4. Dave says:

    Sanjay sounds like he is partnered with scripbox.. Don’t invest in any any of this online investments .There could small amount of money you making with significant loss. you can expect tons of similar concepts and websites in coming years

  5. Niel says:

    If they are getting commission from Mutual Funds, then how can a user trust them. What stops them from recommending the mutual fund which offers maximum commission as the best fund?

  6. [email protected] says:

    ITS NOT 5K ..they are asking 50K for one shot.
    Has any body made registration there..
    I was just tested their site and at the end of registration there is a form attached to it which will transferred 50K amount from your bank to scripbox account and post transfer they will invest that money.
    please check and confirm.

    1. Ankit says:

      Hello ,

      I have just opened my account with scripbox recently and there is no such 50K amount that will be transferred instead they have simple interface from where you can decide in which funds you want to invest in out the 3 which are available and that too with minimum investment around 5k .
      So please don’t spread fake rumours.

    2. arom says:

      I guess what you are talking about here is the ECS mandate form which authorize scripbox to debit upto 50K from the bank.

    3. avneet arora says:

      I am not at all associated with SCRIPBOX but jsut want to correct you there, they have mentioned that 50k is max. amount you can put in mandate ,it is your wish to invest 500 or 10k or any amount you wish but if you limit mandate to an amount you wont be able to put in more money than mentioned

  7. rajiv2727 says:


    I just had a call with them this morning and I had the same question. 🙂

    They said i can actually choose between the 4 i.e. i can invest in 2 or i can invest in jus a single mutual fund out of the four suggested.

    Yes initial investment is gonna be high i.e. 5K*(number of mutual fund) , min = 5k, if i select only one of the four. But i think they is hardly anything scripbox can do here. The minimum investment listed by the AMC is 5k.
    Later on i can invest 1k per month in the selected mutual fund.

    The only problem here is the indirect plan which anyway cant be helped when we go via scripbox.


    ps: Yes going all out and investing directly with AMC is the best.

  8. Hemanth Chandra says:

    When I go through the website, I found some things as below.

    Their idea makes sense.

    But, I don’t think it’s beneficial investing via

    The reason is the initial investment is Rs.20k and a minimum investment of Rs.4k every time you want to invest, which I can do the same thing by investing directly with AMC in the same funds that scripbox is suggesting instead of going via scripbox.

    If they have some better plans of investing, say you can start your investment as low as Rs.5k (instead of 20k) and minimum investment of Rs.1k (instead of 4k) everytime I invest, then I can invest via scripbox as I cannot do the same thing as normal investor.


  9. Hemanth Chandra says:

    And forgot to say, the user interface of the website is really promising. 🙂

  10. Hemanth Chandra says:

    This the same as the websites like does. In fundsindia, depending upon the age,risk appetite,amount to invest, they suggest a portfolio.

    In scripbox, irrespective of these they are suggesting a generic portfolio(I think its for long term) and they used words like scientific, professional to attract the investors.

    Anyways, a new website. Let’s see how it is different from other websites.


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