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My parents ( Dad:63 yrs,  Mom:60Yrs ) has Individual Health Insurance from New Indian Assurance taken 5 year back and 1 lakh coverage each.  I pay around 8k annual premium for both.  Now I feel this is not sufficient.  When I enquired with new India they said, because age,  i cannot do top up cover of increaring the Coverage and recently they have stopped senior citizen floater policy too.

Now I have started looking out for other insurance.   I appreciate if any suggestion on the floater or individual for my parents.  I am looking for min 5 Lakh for floater or 3 lakh each for invidual.

Max Boopa,  Start and Appolo are the private insurar who can cover my parents and in public sector,  Oriental Insurance has the floater plans.

Thank you, Prats


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  1. Ratan.R says:

    Hi Pratibha, as you mentioned in your question that your dad & mom are 63 and 60 years age respectively, I would recommend you to get critical care health insurance plan for them. I will suggest you to check with Chola MS health insurance “Critical Healthline Plan”, it covers critical illnesses as well as provides you covers ranging from 3 Lakh to 10 Lakh. I hope this plan work for your parents, as they are old age and they may face health issues in future. I hope it will work for you!

  2. healthinsuranceshoppe says:


    Its very detailed post and lot of good information is posted here.

    If you allow, can I recommend other senior citizen policies available here.?

    1. Dear healthinsuranceshoppe, yes. Please post your info here.



  3. @pratibha

    Pls buy Chola MS insurance health policy which is covering senior citizens and giving entry till 65yrs age…

    visit at:

  4. oveearaya says:

    For senior citizen you got number of policies , insurance company increase the coverage for Senior citizen , and its not a big deal to buy health insurance for senior citizen I recently bought policy of Senior citizen travel insurance its very essay to buy just 4 steap and i bought online travel insurance . You can visit and experience .

  5. Anit Jogi says:

    Yes you can go for Max Bupa health insurance they don’t even have age criteria for enrollment. You can select from the following offers of silver and gold. I have also taken up a family health insurance plan and have got some additional facilities cashless facility across network hospitals, comprehensive coverage, and the above which I have mentioned already to you in the above 2 lines. I hope this helps.

  6. Jawaid AlamAzad says:

    Hi Prtibha
    Also evaluate co-pay clause of and coverage companies offering
    Max bupa has no upper entry age and lifelong renewalbilty
    before 65 year at entry maxbupa has no co-pay .

  7. Arudra Kumar says:

    Hi Prats,

    Star health insurance provides health insurance for senior citizens by the name “Senior Citizen Red carpet”. Below is the link:


  8. Mahesh says:

    @ Pratibha, You can evaluate some health insurance schemes that are extended by Banks for their account holders. Eligibility is till 65 yrs. Corporation Bank, Syndicate Bank are some example banks that offer you these.

  9. Jagadees says:

    For senior citizens National Insurance offers Varistha Mediclaim (Individual). But the cover is available for 1lac only.
    Alternatively u can try Oriental insurance or united india insurance – they both offer cover upto 3lacs.
    U can visit the following site to see the chart listing health insurance schemes available with price –


    1. healthinsuranceshoppe says:


      Pls buy Royal Sundaram health shield policy which is covering senior citizens and giving entry till 65yrs age…

      Their premium and features beats all companies in india.

      visit at

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