Fraud on Kotak Credit Card

POSTED BY dhaval thakar ON October 8, 2012 6:42 pm COMMENTS (26)

I am holding kotak credit card but have not used for almost a year.
on 4th oct I received sms that card is used to make payment of rs 14,038 to VZWRLSS*PREPAID PYMNT

I immediately got credit card blocked, Also filed dispute form within hour.
On 6th oct I got my complaint registered to Police station.

Kotak says they’ll take 45 days to investigate.

I dont trust kotak bank, even if they find this was fraud they might collect 14k from me.

I need advice is there a way to save 14k without affecting cibil score?


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  1. Narasimha Rao Chilukuri says:

    I am holding kotak credit card but have not used for almost a year. Today 23-01-2017 I received sms that card is used to make payment of rs 10,000 & 20,000 for Flipkart services as the card is with me and I am sleeping at the time of the transaction time.

    I immediately got credit card blocked, Also filed dispute form within hour.
    Tomorrow I am going to register a complaint at Police station.

    Kotak says they’ll take 45 days to investigate. My customer relation number is 185882438

    I dont trust kotak bank, even if they find this was fraud they might collect total 30k from me.

    I need advice is there a way to save 30k without affecting cibil score? And my credit limit is only 25000 now my card is in -5000 I’m totally out of my mind..

  2. kishanm77 says:

    It seems that this transaction was done in USA for verizon wireless company. You can point out the same to customer care of Verizon wireless also so that they can be cautious. I understand that this post more than 1 year old but still if there is recurrence of such fraud from the same biller then better raise a voice.

  3. Prashant says:

    HDFC bank also reversed the transactions in my case and i wasn’t asked to pay anything but it did require follow-ups and approx 3 weeks, i believe HDFC bank is continuing the investigation at their end.

    Since the identity of the card was compromised, i blocked it immediately and planning to cancel it now

  4. Parag says:

    resolved.. i need not pay the disputed amount.. Thanks Kotak 🙂

  5. Good to hear that 🙂 .. Congrats !

  6. HI ALL,

    My dispute is resolved.
    Kotak bank has atlast credit back those 14k charged on fraud.
    & I dont have to pay single penny.

    Good thing is that I can still continue using kotak bank service although not interested for CC. Otherwise was planning to close bank account after using it for 7 years.

    THANKS KOTAK BANK for not making me pay 14k of fraud money.

  7. sainath says:

    Consider using virtual Credit card option if you are doing online transactions.
    HDFC bank have such feature. You can create cirtual credit card with amount limit.
    The card is valid only for once and within 24hours. It really helps!


    1. sainath says:

      # it as Virtual credit card

  8. If dispute is not in our favor
    we can approach Banking Ombudsman,

    Rs 14000 is not small amount to ignore.

  9. Parag says:

    A Transaction of Rs.14720.21 has been done on your Kotak Credit Card No.xx6757 at VZWRLSS*PREPAID PYMNT on 15-Nov-2012.
    Already blocked the card, filled the dispute form and scanned and mailed it to Kotak bank.. hoping for the best.. 🙁

  10. Avinash Venna says:

    I havent used my card from long time and just few days ago I used it in kalyan Jewellers. Just wanted to check if any one used your card over there?

  11. Prashant says:


    It is exactly the same fraud that you have mentioned, google it and you would find more details of it.

    After many calls and follow-ups, I have been able to revert these transactions on my card and have also cancelled this card since tits identity is exposed. What you all should do is immediately call up the customer care and block this card, then download the dispute transaction form from HDFC bank’s website, fill it and submit to the credit card depth. (in person or drop it in credit card drop box in bank), follow-up after 4-5 days and keep praying.

    Dont forget to take the dispute reference number from customer care for further follow-ups.

    All the best.

    1. Prashant says:

      Pls ignore some of the spelling errors in my last response, it’s the auto-correct feature of my tablet thats acting smart.

    2. Arvind Munganahalli says:

      Hi Prashanth,

      I have been run into the same fraud. Can you please help me with some more details like after how many days were the txn amount reversed? Was there any investigation from the banks side? Any information would be of great help…

  12. sumeetdalvi says:

    Hey i also got the same sms from my HDFC Credit Card which says thank you for using your card at 888-294-6804 at VZWRLSS*PREPAID PYMNT on 2012-11-13: 12:32am of Rs. 13648.75.
    my card also blocked temporarily by bank and then i got it permanently blocked.
    I will be filling the dispute form. Dont know whether to file a police complaint and if it will help anyways.
    I hope the investigation team does justice and help me with it and dont make me pay.
    True, Banks should do something for this type of fraud payment.

  13. Avinash Venna says:

    I just got a email alert from HDFC bank to verify the transaction. The transaction is

    12Nov2012 23:35:37.943 Rs.14,604.16 VZWRLSS*PREPAID PYMNT US

    I just registered a complaint and blocked my card

    Guys, for foreign transactions CVV is not necessary. dunno why 🙁

  14. amit11 says:

    Today night at 2:33 AM i got a msg from HDFC bank :
    thank you for using HDFC bank credit card ending **** for Rs. 14622.89 in 888-294-6804 at VZWRLSS*PREPAID PYMNT on 2012-11-11:2:33:03.

    i did not make it. anyone have Idea about “VZWRLSS*PREPAID”.

    1. This is ridiculous, this is exactly what I received, same number of verizon in my statement.

      VZWRLSS*PREPAID PYMNT 888-294-6804 CA (267.50 USD)

      May be these CC companies need to do something to avoid such online fraud.
      I wonder why we are not FORCED to change cvv number, same as banking passwords.

  15. @manish,

    thanks for the reply.

    Initially I did not suspect this as online fraud as this card was never used for online use.
    Infact this card is not used for more than a year. Hence I suspect someone from Inside (kotak) must have done fraud, afterall humans are going to courier cc.

    1. Yes its possible , there was recently an episode of Crime Petrol on Sony TV which showed how a bank account which was dormant from last 2 yrs was used for the fraud by an internal employee and it was misused.

      This is going to help me make a post 🙂


      1. Prashant says:

        I ran into exactly the same fraud last week with my HDFC bank credit card. I immediately reported the fraud to HDFC via phone banking and got the card blocked. I kept on receiving “transaction declined” messages even after that, perhaps the fraudster was still trying to use the card further. I also filled and submitted a dispute form to HDFC bank. I have not received any concrete reply from HDFC bank yet and going follow-up with them.

        In my case too, the card was never used so it looks like some serious fraud in play here 🙁

        1. Hi Prashant,

          Is your statement identical to …
          VZWRLSS*PREPAID PYMNT 888-294-6804 ?

        2. sumeetdalvi says:

          same is the case with me. prashant did you get any further reply from Bank or the investigation team.

  16. This sure is a online fraud . Note that your credit card number + expiry date is also very sensitive information and there are some websites which dont even ask for CVV number , and a transaction can be made.

  17. I hope kotak gives some favorable solution.

    anyways, I suspected this was online transaction as card was at home at the time of fraud payment.
    Following is the sms alert received, this is unusual as most of the CC providers does not mention Payee name i.e VZWRLSS. It appears only during physical swipe. I am not sure if kotak cc works other way. Otherwise this is card skimming.

    Txn of Rs 14038.75 made on Kotakcard xx2330 on 04-Oct at VZWRLSS*PREPAID PYMNT. Available credit limit is 961.25

  18. Kotak Support Team says:

    Dear Mr. Thakar,

    We understand your concern. We wish to inform you that our Credit Card team official is already investigating the matter & will contact you at the earliest.

    Assuring you of our best services at all times.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Kotak Support Team.

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