EPF- Company Shut – Need help with procedure to withdraw PF

POSTED BY priyanka ON June 30, 2012 9:27 am COMMENTS (4)


The last company i was working with has been shut down.

Now I need to withdraw my EPF, however I am not getting any help from the company.

I have tried to contact the GM – HR and the CA but no response.

As the sum is huge, I am worried if I will be able to withdraw the amount without company’s approval or authorized signature.

The full and final settlement has been closed and relieving letter has been issued by the company.

Please advise how should i go about in this case.

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  1. priyanka says:

    Can i just go to EPFO and withdraw the amount with employers approval?

    1. Dear Priyanka, please fill the form 19 (download it from the site). Submit to the EPF office where your account was maintained. After few months, you ‘ll be able to get your money. Please read below article from dear Manish for future course of action.




  2. priyanka says:

    Hi Anshal,

    It was EPFO.

  3. Dear Priyanka, the EPF was maintained by a Pvt. Trust or EPFO itself. If it’s EPFO, you can apply to the concerned EPFO office.

    Please check the following link for more details in case of EPFO.




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