A/C Payee Cheque clarification needed

POSTED BY Suresh R ON February 13, 2013 3:48 pm COMMENTS (2)

 I am ABC, residing as a tenant at ‘XYZ’ house in Bangalore. Few months back I have paid Rs.21,000 excessively for my EB bill. Now the Bangalore Electricity Board (BESCOM) issued a A/C payee cheque amount of Rs.20,885 on my house owner name ‘XYZ’.

She does not hold any Saving/Current Account in any banks. I am holding a Saving & Current Account in HDFC Bank. Is it possible to deposit that cheque to my account? If so what steps need to be done.
My owner not willing to open a bank account. 🙁
Is there any other way to deposit the cheque to get money.

Please help me on this.

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  1. Dear Suresh, an A/c Payee cheque can be encashed only in a bank account. So ask your landlord to open an account for the same. No you can not encash other’s cheque in your bank acct.



  2. Request BESCOM to issue a fresh cheque without crossing.

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