LIC Jeevan Saral Plan (Table 165) – Review, Benefits & Features

LIC Jeevan Saral is a very special kind of endowment plan from LIC. The policy offers various benefits like flexibility in choosing the premium, tenure of the policy, tax benefits, loyalty additions, various riders and is aimed at investors who would like to get guaranteed returns from their investment. Also, unlike other LIC policies, this […]


Should I continue my Jeevan Saral policy for retirement ?

Hi All, I have a Jeevean Saral policy(T.No. 165) in my name with Term of 35 years with sum assured of 1500000 started in 2010.I pay monthly ECS of 6125/- rupees (73500/- yearly ). I had thought it as a long term plan to be used for my retirement.But after reading various negative feedback after […]


Jeevan Saral Surrender value after 6 year premium paid

I am 30 years old ; I purchased Jeevan Saral policy in June 2009 with a premium Rs 18015 yearly(Sum assured  375000). Till now i have paid 6 premium(till june 2014) and now i want to surrender it, Pls let me know how much money i m supposed to get. I think i will get […]


Want to surrender my LIC Jeevan Saral Policy – How much will I get back ?

Hi Friends.. This is Silpa, want to surrender my LIC Jeevan Saral Policy after 4 years payment. My full payment term is 18 years and yearly payment Rs.12000. Can you please help me, how much I can get return after 4 years. Also please suggest me, how I can get back more returns . Thanks, Silpa


Is this right time to surrender jeevan saral policies?

Hi, I have taken three LIC Jivan Saral policies in Jan 2013 ( 72K per year for all three policies), Now I want to surrender them and take 1crore term from HDFC Life (click 2 protect plus with income plus option). Could you please tell me can I surrender these LIC Jeevan Saral policies now […]


Procedure for LIC policy Surrender – Jeevan Saral

Dear Sir, I need your advice for following I have three LIC policy 1. Jeevan Saral for me of 2,50,000 for 15 year i m paying 3062.00 quarterly since 28/01/2009 2. Jeevan saral for my wife of 5,00,000 for 30 year paying premium of 12130 half yearly since 26/09/2011 3. Jeevan Anand for me of […]


Can I pay for 3 yrs in my Jeevan Saral policy and then taken money in 10 yr ?

i have taken a jeevan saral policy in 2012. i had paid all premium of last 2 yrs. After completion of 3yrs, i would like to stop paying the premium but i would like to surrender my policy after 10 yrs. i would like to know whether i will suffer a loss or get a […]


What will be the best for me ? LIC jeevan Saral Vs Term plan Vs PPF or other ?

Hi All, I had taken a Jeevan Saral plan with half yearly premium of 24260 (48520 yearly) for 25 years (MSA 1000000) on Nov 11, 2013 and my DOB is 15/08/1987.When i had opted for this plan at that time i was looking for a plan that gives me insurance + saving. The chart of […]


When to Surrender Jeevan Saral to get full money ?

I took a Jeevan Saral Policy, 18 months ago. Term is 35 years. When I approached the insurance company to surrender it, I got a response that nothing is payable as of today.  Please let me know when (in which year) I should surrender the policy to get back the premium I paid.  Thanks.


Jeevan Saral paid premiums for 3 years , shall i surrender now or afte 5 years?

Hi I came to know about this forum while researching for jeevan saral policy First of all thanks for creating a forum like this. Coming to me , I am 25 years old who I guess like quite a few people took jeevan saral policy 3 years back and now feeling sorry for it I want […]


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