Top 5 things you should do in 2010

Look around, the world is lovely and bright Look inside, understand yourself and you’ll see new light Follow your dreams, follow your heart Do everything that fills you with delight Wish All the readers a Happy New Year In this short post we will see what are te things you should make sure you have […]


Last moment tax planing in 30 minutes

Just in case you have not done your tax planning for this year and you are in a rush of doing it for providing documents proof to your employer, I will tell you how you can quickly do your tax planning at the last moment. First of all it’s not advised that you wait for […]


Review of , A Social Investing Community

Ever thought of a Social Investing community website in India . I am glad to review today which has grown to a popular stock investing community in last couple of months in India . is one of the best online places you can get education, stock tips , great links for other financial […]


17 tips to tell you how to manage your Personal Finance and save money

Personal finance is not only about your saving and investment, it includes tax planning, savings, expenses, debts, retirement plans, investment products and all the insurance and other policies. It is an understanding of how these tools works together and also affects each other. In this article I will tell some tips which will be helpful […]


How much Time should you spend for managing your Personal Finance

Some months back I wanted to find out how much time a person would spend on his Personal Finance? So I did a poll which asked them this question and gave them some answer options to choose from. Around 180 people participated in the poll. Let us find out what most of the people think […]


Ability to take Risk vs Willingness to take Risk

A readers tell me : ” I invested 4 lacs in Sectoral Funds and now its down by almost 45% in one year. Now I need the money for my Sister Education in next 1 month, Should I withdraw it or wait for 1 month ? Manish , please advice ..” I asked “But why […]


Till what age should you take your Life Cover ?

From some last some days I am getting queries that some Life Insurance Policies are not giving cover for more than 65 yrs of age or for Tenure of more than 25 or 30 yrs and why they dont want to take those policies because they want a cover till 70 or 80 yrs of […]


A close look at Real Estate Returns in India

Real estate is one of the largest employer after agriculture in India. It is also a globally recognized sector which is witnessing a high growth in recent times because of increasing demands of offices and residential places. One of my friend has shared his own experience about real estate, let me share it with you. […]


Readers Reviews of this Blog

Jagoinvestor is one of the simplest blogs that you can find to kick start your investing.There is such a nice variety of posts that all individuals can get benefits from it.Manish Chauhan the blogger behind it seems to spend a lot of time making his blog perfect for his readers.It is no surprise that his […]


Questions and Answers , Part 6

I am putting some questions answered by me to users on “Ask a Question” form . I am putting 3 questions and there answers  . If you have any comments or better suggestions please feel free to add as comment . You can see other questions and answers done in the past Here . You […]


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