Business Bhaskar Copied my GFactor Concept without permission

Some days back I had written about GFactor concept for choosing a Financial Product based on 4 factors and formulating it in mathematics , Recently one of the writers for Business Bhaskar has copied the original idea of GFactor and republished it with same name “GFactor” and all the other names like “Trap Factor”, “R/R […]


How to insure your Credit and Debit Cards ?

Last night I was having dinner with my friends and suddenly on of the friend realized that he has lost his wallet. The problem was not the cash in the wallet, or the cards. It was the misuse of the card and contacting card issuers to block the cards as soon as possible . Have […]


How to think about Retirement Planning (Video)

Retirement Planning is one of the most important aspects of financial planning. Here is a 3 part video series on Retirement planning which gives you a good idea of how to plan for it and how to think about retirement planning . Look at how to 6 Steps of doing Retirement Planning by yourself Part […]


GFactor , A decision making tool for Financial products

How do you find out if a product suits your requirement ? What about a very simple calculation which can take into account most important requirements like lock in factor , complexity of a product , your requirement and its return and risk potential and tells you if it really suits your requirement. This Post […]


How to calculate Future Value of your monthly Investments

Lets say you want to invest Rs 2,000 per month for 10 yrs and then want to leave it for next 20 yrs to grow . How will you calculate it ? Do you know ? Today we will see this basic calculation and learn how to find out the amount you can generate . […]


What are the important elements of setting your financial goals?

One of the most important part of financial planning is setting financial goals. The first step involved is to know where you want to go ? If you have no goals set , then you will be randomly investing and as your goals in life comes along the way, you fulfill them. It can happen […]


Things that you should know before hiring a financial planner

As a concept ‘financial planner’ has been in existence over several decades in the western world and in modern times, this role has turned into a well understood and highly regulated profession. In the developed markets Financial planners would be similar to the family GP (general practitioner or family doctor) advising their clients on money […]


Learning from Comments (Part 2)

Do you read comments ? There is a huge amount of discussion doing on in comments section, however many readers do not find time or interest to dig into the comments and follow the discussions, I would say comments have more knowledge than the article itself , as there are personal experiences and knowledge from […]


Impact on Direct Tax Code on various products

Direct Tax Code is the new proposed bill for changing the tax rules in India. If it comes into effect from April 1, 2011, it will change the whole taxation system and will change the way our taxes are calculated from years . The new tax code will have impact on Insurance Policies, Home Loans, […]


9 effective financial education tips for your Children

Do you want your children to be smart when it comes to Finance? Don’t you want them to learn all the things, which you’re learning today, from this blog & other resources? And that they don’t repeat the mistakes, we made in our lives? Financial Education for Children is as important as their regular education. […]


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