Jeevan Saral paid premiums for 3 years , shall i surrender now or afte 5 years?

POSTED BY ravikumar ON June 16, 2014 3:30 pm ONE COMMENT


I came to know about this forum while researching for jeevan saral policy

First of all thanks for creating a forum like this. Coming to me , I am 25 years old who I guess like quite a few people took jeevan saral policy 3 years back and now feeling sorry for it :(

I want to surrender now as you all know its a very bad policy. Now that I want to surrender , I have researched a bit and came to know that  wil not get what I payed also after 3 years :(

I need suggestion Please . I am not expecting much , just want the money I paid atleast i.e 48040 per annum :( . so If I quit now , I came to know 30% of 1.5 lakhs  which is 30K

if I continue for 5 years i heard i will get 100% back , is that true or how much will i get back? if so i am willing to continue fr 2 more years as i will get back my 100%. Please suggest the best option also if my options are bad. please suggest if its better to surrender now only

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  1. sharath Mumbai says:

    Don’t surrender it now. you would loose much money.
    Pay for 5 yrs and make it paid off and stop paying future premiums after 5 years.
    That way you would get returns for the money you have paid for these 5 yrs if you continue for whole term. Or you can choose to surrender after 5 yrs. Damage would be less.

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