Are you sharing agents commission ? Its Illegal

“Discount kitna doge ! Mishra ji mujhe 35% de rahe hain ” , as per Rakesh ,this is exactly how a lot of customers ask their agents commission to be shared with them in Insurance or Mutual funds. Have you ever asked your agent how much discount he can give you on the premium? This […]


JagoInvestor/Moneylife helps a customer get his money back

What do you do when you are facing un-ethical practices by some company officials and You are not getting justice anywhere? You should reach out directly at the top of the management somehow because, believe me customer care just does not work ! . This is exactly what I did, when one of the readers […]


Its time for Portfolio Rebalancing

Are you thinking of entering the equity markets now? Are you thinking of buying some equity mutual funds? You must have heard by now, how the markets are back in action, reaching highs again. Today, I am not here to discourage you and say “Don’t enter markets” or “Its time to exit” — because neither […]


JagoInvestor Completes 3 yrs recently completed its 3 yrs in Nov 2010 and following is the interview taken by one of the fellow bloggers . Yet another milestone for Manish Chauhan, founder of It’s been three years since Manish started blogging and on Nov 5th 2010, celebrated it’s third anniversary. After three years of run up, […]


Importance of will and some essential points to be considered while making a will

We will learn about creating a WILL in India today, but before that you need to answer this question – “Do you want to leave your wealth and let your loved one’s fight with each other to get their shares (a la the Ambanis!)?” – I guess not! . If you nominated some one in […]


Bad side of Financial Products

Over time, we have seen a lot of products, and figured out some good ones. In the process of understanding them, we now believe that some things are always good — which sadly, is never the case. So today, let’s have a look at just the flip side of all the products and concepts. This post is […]


5 mistakes I made in my first stock market Investment

Do you remember your first stock market trade and how you behaved at the time? Just like you, even I, have made some really stupid mistakes in stock market Investment. Today, I would like to share some mistakes (only the big ones 🙂 ) which I made during my first trade in stock markets. Its […]


Happy Diwali, A great tip for Investment ?

We love Diwali—with its wonderful feeling of a fresh new start. And, it came just in the nick of time. A lot of people always want to know the best investments they can make? This Diwali, we want to share one of the greatest investment tip with you. If there is one single investment with […]


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