Best Credit Card In India – Review of top 6 cards

Most of the people who apply for a credit card in India, do not pay much attention at the time of taking the card, but later get frustrated by the card itself for various reasons high bad customer service, hidden charges, and several other factors. The obvious question then is, which is the best credit […]


Financial Literacy in School – very soon

Soon your children will start getting financial literacy in their school itself. A lot of developed countries like the UK, Netherlands, Spain etc have their national strategy for Financial education in place and a lot of other countries like India have been thinking and formulating this for a long time. Recently a draft for the […]


First 5 yrs of your earning life – Does it matter ?

A lot of people complain that they do not have much wealth in their life despite earning from many years. This brings an important point in question. What did they do in the first 5 yrs of their earning life? It’s very clear that the first 5 yrs of your earning life leaves a very […]


Is your Company Group Health Insurance Cover Enough ?

Are you covered under your company’s group health insurance policy? If you are a salaried person, then in all probabilities you must be having your employers health insurance plan which must be covering you, your spouse, children, and parents or some of them. But a lot of people do not want to take a separate […]


2 Credit Card Tips I learned from others

Do you want to know some credit card tips which you can use in your life ? In all probability you must be holding a ICICI, HDFC or SBI Credit Card and must be wondering how to use it effectively ! .  Credit card is used by almost everyone now a days and utilizing a […]


Does Govt work for Financial Services?

This is not an allegation, but I want to understand how things are related and putting 3 points which shows how govt policies are influenced by the financial services sector. No tax on Saving Bank interest up to Rs 10,000 Some time back, there was this craze for liquid funds. The money will earn a […]


Transfer PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank

How do you transfer the PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank? This has been a big question mark for all the PPF account holders who opened their PPF account in Post Office and now want to transfer PPF account to SBI Bank or other banks so that they can take benefits of online […]


Financial Planning Survey in India

Jagoinvestor recently conducted a online Financial Planning Survey in India and what a common man expects out of the financial plan and a financial planner. I will list down some key observations, some learning based on survey results and finally compilation of the survey in a decent pictorial graph. Note that the survey was also […]


Free Tax Filing for Women in India by – a tax filing portal has made tax filing for women totally free. Women all over India can now file their tax returns for free, sitting at home at . Women will have free access to its very user friendly tax filing website till July 26, 2012. The ClearTax platform is an easy […]


Best Mutual Funds House [Graph]

Which is the best mutual fund House ? Is HDFC better than DSP Black Rock or Reliance ? A very good way of looking at it is to see all the equity oriented mutual fund schemes of a fund house and check how many of them have outperformed its benchmarks in different time frames like […]


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