Can you save 10% of your salary every month?

Answer this question Honestly. Don’t rush, think about it and then answer this very important question. If you get salary cut of 10% and you have to live with 90% of your salary; how will it affect you? In this article we will see some important insights on spending habit and psychological issues. Most of […]


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Do you have any question or Doubt in Mind regarding Financial Planning , Insurance , Investing ? This form can be used to ask any question from Jagoinvestor . Make sure what you ask makes sense 🙂 Loading… If you Liked the post , Subscribe Here and get the posts directly in your Inbox


8 most Important Stock markets Rules that every beginner should follow

In this article we will discuss the 8 Key points which a new comer should understand before entering in the world of stock markets. It may happen that you already have all of this in mind and you do understand them at a subconscious level but let’s go through them again and discuss it. This […]


Ebook on Basics of Technical Analysis

I came up with the first ebook on “Basics of Technical Analysis” . For now I have used the data of my earlier posts only for this ebook , but it has all the data at one place and hence will be good for readers who only want to concentrate on Technical Analysis . Download […]


How to find out Best Fixed Deposit?

Searching for the best FD? In this short article, we will see a very useful website which gives you all the information on Fixed Deposits and Banks in India FD is a tool of saving some part of your income in a fixed account for a fixed time period and earning some interest on that […]


Understanding what exactly you want to do in Stock Markets

Today we will discuss the important aspect that all the new beginners must understand to know what exactly they want to do in stock markets. In this post we will see what are the different types of things they can do. In this first post, “Why Stock Markets attract and looks Easy we saw the […]


SEBI ends Entry Load on Mutual funds Schemes

Cheers !! .. SEBI now says : “Investors will not have to pay an entry load for investing in mutual fund schemes anymore. They will instead pay a commission to their distributor or advisor directly and the quantum of the upfront commission would be mutually agreed upon.” More Competition and hence little cheaper for Investors […]


Why Stock Markets Attract and Look Easy

This is going to be important and useful series of article. Today we will discuss how a new-comer to stock market should start. In these series of articles we will discuss following things. Why stock markets attract and look easy Understanding what you want to do exactly What are important things when you are in […]


Why do you need a Financial Planner ?

In this post, we will discuss on why do you require a Financial Planner to do your financial planning? Each and every area has an expert who understand and has skills for that profession whether it be Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers etc! Likewise, we have Financial Planners. Now, don’t confuse financial planners with Mutual Funds Agents […]


Consumer Complaints and Grievances

What do we do when we face some issue with Banks, Mutual Funds, Credit Card company, Insurance Company and so on? The first thing we do is to file a complain with them for our problems and then we wait for their answer. What if we are not satisfied with there reply and want more justice. […]


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