Is this right time to surrender jeevan saral policies?

POSTED BY pvamseekrishna ON November 24, 2014 10:33 am ONE COMMENT


I have taken three LIC Jivan Saral policies in Jan 2013 ( 72K per year for all three policies), Now I want to surrender them and take 1crore term from HDFC Life (click 2 protect plus with income plus option). Could you please tell me can I surrender these LIC Jeevan Saral policies now before Jan 2015. Is this is right decision or wrong decision ? and how much return I will get after surrender.

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  1. Krishna says:

    You have paid for 2 years so you are not going to get anything if you surrender. Just make leave it without paying third one think this as payment for the lesson you learnt. If you still want your money you have to pay 3rd one and make it paid up (stop paying) and you will get your money at end of the period which then has no value for it. Check out existing discussion here

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