Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis , What and When !!

I am starting a series of articles that will deal with “How to invest in stocks efficiently”. This post is Part 1. There are two important questions which you have to answer when you want to buy shares? They are “What to buy” and “When to buy”? Fundamental analysis You may be familiar with Fundamental […]


Investment mistakes by retail Investors and how to avoid them

“People who take some pain eventually Gain” Have you invested in the peak of bull run (Nov Dec 2007 or Jan 2008) or in middle of this downturn (Mid of 2008) and now sitting on heavy losses. In this article we will discuss how and why should we avoid it. This article mainly covers investors […]


Akruti crashes by 50% , Finally it happened

Akruti crashed by almost 45-50% today . This happened inspite of strong global clues and strong rally in markets which touched 3100 levels on nifty . From the levels of 2250 some days back , today its near 900-950 levels . This crash was due anyways … Some days back I had warned that there […]


How to use losses to reduce income tax?

Are losses good? Do they have any benefit? When you make a loss, do you feel it has nothing to provide or not at all beneficial. The answer is NO! Losses are bad, but our tax laws gives us a way to utilize them in such a way that we can reduce our income tax […]


Importance of small profits in your Trading

Bill Craft discusses a very important aspect of trading in stock markets . It says that trading success comes from taking small profits often . There should be small losses , small profits and big winners . These small profits will take care of small losses and give you over all profits only , and […]


Akruti City Plunges 28% , stay away

Post Updated , Read it again if you read it before . This is a follow up post on Akruti City saga . While I write this post on Friday Evening 20th Mar 09 , Prices of Akruti City has crashed by 28% with better than average volumes on NSE , and may even fall […]


Akruti City , Have you gone Mad !!

Double in a week ? If you are watching Markets , you must have seen the movements of Akruti City . This company is a Mumbai based Company . The shares of this company is on the roll from last 10 days . In just 1 week it has zoomed from 994 on march 9th […]


Margin Of Safety Principle

Came across a good article. Just reproducing the work here. This post talks about the Value and Price difference of some investment . Margin Of Safety Principle In his book, The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham describes the concept of margin of safety as being an essential part of any true investment. He goes on to […]


One Common question that every beginner investor has – Is Direct Equity for you ?

This is one of the questions which everybody wants answer to . You can do it , but it will require some effort, learning and dedication. Also you will have to develop some kind of discipline and change your attitude a bit. We shall first see who all are into Direct Equity Investing. They are […]


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