What to look while you choose a mutual fund :)

One of my readers was confused with the question “Which mutual fund should he invest in through SIP ? ” He started an SIP of 1000 in Reliance Regular Saving mutual fund , suggested by an agent . How was his investment? It is a mistake or a good decision? This is a common problem […]


The Chemistry of Equity and Debt

Following is a small Table which discusses the Equity and Debt allocation for your Investments . (Click on the chart to enlarge it). It will tell you how Equity and Debt should be used for long and short term financial goals .   It has two parameters . 1. Importance of your investment goal (Left […]


What can Repiblic Day teach us about Financial Planning

India gained its Independence in 1947 . At that time India was free , and ready to grow on its own , with its own decisions . But it was not possible without a set of guidelines to guide the decision making process . Success comes when you are disciplined and have a decision making […]


Review of Jeevan Astha Collections

Few days back I had talked about “why an investor should avoid Jeevan Astha Policy” But looks like Indians have developed unshakable belief and trust in these companies. Let us see some statistics about the policy. A report from Economic times (Thursday, 22nd Jan 2009) says “Collections for the policy which closed on Wednesday is […]


Do you have an insurance policy? -Read an amazing irony about Insurance

Imagine you are 25 years old earning 6 lacs/year, with a family to support financially. A Term insurance policy with some cover (may be 25 lacs) will have premium of 5k per year (for 25 years old) as the premium for this policy. Almost 99% people need Term Insurance, But most of the people show […]


What is Nifty BeEs ?

Nifty BeEs an Index based ETF, which tracks Nifty index . Nifty BeEs can be a important part of your portfolio. One unit equals around 10% value of index , Means if Nifty is around 3000 , one unit of Nifty BeEs will be around 300 (can be less or more a bit also , […]


Secure Your Family , Risk Management Part 2

Why do we invest ? Answer : For ourself, for our Family, for there better future , for our kids , for there better life , for financial independence, at last the answer comes down to Our Family. But, before investing, do we make sure that , do we secure our family at first place […]


Game of Trading , Risk Management Part 1

Lets play a game, the name of the game is “Game of Trading”. I am stock market and you are investor. You have got 2 chances of investing you money, One time I will give you 200% return and other time I will give you -80%, or in reverse order, so it can either be […]


The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

One of my friend is fond of shares and options trading , from a capital of Rs.50,000 , he grew it to Rs 2,00,000 , whereas I am almost at the same place from where I had started because I do some thing called “Risk Management” … Every time I take a trade or invest […]


Tax Exemptions Rules , Who is included and who is not

Following is a chart showing the list of people for whom you can claim deductions for tax exemption. For example, if you pay the LIC Insurance premium, you can claim if the got premium paid for. Yourself Spouse Children For further details … see this table … Click to enlarge it. To know about the […]


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