How Jagoinvestor Forum answered 10,000 times !

Most of the readers of this blog do not know whats going on at the other end of this blog which is our questions and answers forum. It’s a place where you can post any personal finance query, whatever doubts you have in mind and the community will help you with answers. You can extend […]


5 difference between stock & mutual funds Investing

When we say Equity, what comes to your mind – Stock or Equity Mutual Fund? While a single stock or a mutual fund both comes under the category of Equity and they are good option for long-term investment and needs periodic review. There are some differences between stock investing and mutual fund investing that is […]


Does Home Loan kills Enterpreunership ? May be YES

Who doesn’t want to start some venture of their own? Majority of the people are in jobs and a big number of people do not like what they do. If they had a choice, they would really run away in this very moment. But our responsibilities in life and the situation we create for ourselves […]


Why you should take more than 50 lacs of term insurance

Are you planning to buy a term insurance for less than 50 lacs of sum assured? I would suggest better take it for more than 50 lacs sum assured and there are two main reasons for it- which I will share with you in a moment. A lot of people who want to split their life […]


Did you start your Health SIP ?

I begin each day of my life with a ritual of receiving one sms around 5:30 am from my fitness coach Sanjay. The sms reads “I am coming at 6:00 am so get ready” I take a look at the sms and reply “yes”. Initially, I thought that my ritual is to exercise every day, […]


13 important points from Budget 2012

Budget 2012 was out yesterday and within minutes, it was clear that almost all the people were disappointed, but then Sachin’s century made sure that every one was back in mood and were able to sleep happily by the end of the day. I looked at various articles on budget which were flooding every minute. […]


Loan Settlement hurts Cibil Report & Score !

Did you do any loan settlement in past ? That will surely affect your CIBIL report and score ! . Before we look at that, look at this data – Over 88% of new home loan borrowers in 2011 had a CIBIL score of 750 and above. Do you have a score of 750+ or not […]


Under Construction vs Ready to Move Property – Which is better ?

There is absolutely no confusion in saying that everyone wants to buy a house, a dream home which they can call their own. However, one big confusion among buyers is whether to buy an Under-Construction Property or a Ready to move in Property. Each of these options has its own pros and cons and it […]


Income is not Wealth

Let me ask you a question. Ajay earns Rs 1 lac per month, and his friend Robert earns Rs 40,000 per month. Who is more rich and in better position ? In all probabilities most of the people would say Ajay because he earns more than Robert and that too 2.5 times of Robert’s salary. […]


File an RTI application for EPF withdrawal or EPF Transfer Stutus

Are you frustrated because of the delay in your EPF withdrawal or EPF transfer? Are you waiting from many months or years at times to get any kind of clarity on your EPF status? Are you frustrated with your EPF withdrawal or transfer? I have seen countless number of people on this blog and other […]


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