List of Best Equity Diversified Mutual funds for 2010

Want to invest in the best mutual funds in India? Read on. I have compiled a short list of Mutual Funds which are top mutual funds in the Equity Diversified category. These are long-term winners in their categories and have proved their performance over the years by beating their benchmark and category average by a […]


New Direct Tax Code disappoints Investors

Update Aug 30 ,2010 , 5:00 PM   : This post should be now considered as post with old information as after DTC was tabled in Parliament , there were many changes in DTC. Also DTC Bill has been delayed by 1 yrs and will come into effect from Apr 2012 , Link Cabinet has […]


Dont Declare wrong information while taking Insurance policy

An Agent comes to your home or office and tells you about an Insurance plan. It can be a traditional insurance plan or term insurance. Being an agent, he wants to make sure, you do less work. Anyway most  people feel bored or find it tedious to fill out a long form by themselves. After […]


Buying Health Insurance Policies Online

Finding a suitable health insurance policy is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. There are 21 health insurance companies in India and many offer more than one type of health insurance product. Joining the bandwagon are life insurance companies that are now offering health insurance policies as well! So how do you buy […]


Review of ICICI iProtect Term plan

ICICI Prudential has recently launched its online Term Insurance Plan called iProtect . iProtect is extremely affordable online Term Plan whic has some very good features. Last year Aegon Religare launched its online Term Plan iTerm , but it had some limitations like no riders attached and the company didnt had much trust factor . […]


Making sense of the market through Sensex at MRP

In the previous article, we looked at Stocks@MRP and how a stock can have a price tag. Moving further, we now discuss how the concept of Stocks@MRP has been extended even to the benchmark index : Sensex . Also there is an example of one stock each considerably above and below its MRP. The inherent […]


Now, Stocks too have a MRP Tag

Have you ever asked what is the MRP of a stock ? I don’t think so ! The reason many investors shy away from investing in stock markets is because it seems to be a gamble. With the markets fluctuating every day, dropping or rising at the slightest bit of concern or euphoria, one is […]


Review of Retirement Book “Retire Rich Invest Rs 40 a day”

How important is Retirement ? If you are not asking this question to yourself today, You are bound to pay for this in future. Thinking about retirement in early age is considered Joke in our country, every body is just running around buying cars, home, may be invest in couple of mutual funds without any […]


Tips while Buying House, Real life experiences

Are you thinking of buying your dream house? If yes , then you must be having a lot of questions and you must be looking some guidance from everyone you know, Why not utilize the knowledge of readers here. Buying House in India Over the last couple of days I was tying to catch up […]


Tax Deductions from Infrastructure Bonds under 80C

Finally govt gave clarity about the Infrastructure bonds under sec 80C where you can invest upto Rs 20,000 for additional tax deduction apart from the current Rs 1 lac. Look more on Income tax slab . Who can issue those Infrastructure Bonds ? Life Insurance Corporation of India Industrial Finance Corporation of India Infrastructure Development […]


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