How safe private insurance companies are?

Many people have this concern about taking policies from Private Insurance companies. Let us try to understand about the factors which takes care of financial stability and ability to repay back customers there money. In reality the only things differentiates one insurance company from other is the service the provide, there settlement track record. Want […]


All you want to know about “Jeevan Varsha Analysis”

Update : As pointed by Ranjan, there was a mistake in the analysis about the paying term of the policy, I have corrected it now. Please re-read the analysis. If you like the article : Stumble it and Buzz it Today we will talk about the market product “Jeevan Varsha”, If you are a regular […]


Investor alert – Beware of Mis-selling of financial products

From many years there has been a lot of mis-selling happening in some products and investors are getting trapped in it. In this article I’m going to tell you about mis-selling of financial products so that you avoid getting into this trap. What is Mis-selling ? Mis-selling means selling a product by giving a wrong […]


Insurance Presentation

I have created a small and simple presentation for newbies regarding Life and Health Insurance . It will help new people to understand the importance of Insurance . Life And Health Insurance View more presentations from manish.pucsd.


Search within You ..

I was watching a seminar video on my laptop today which was a trading seminar conducted in US, the speaker was an American. In the middle of the seminar he presented a small story which was from Hindu Mythology which made me feel good, I am putting it here word by word after finding it […]


Leave Travel Allowances and medial Reimbursements – The tax free allowances

As we are in mid Feb of the year and its tax time, I thought to talk a bit on LTA and Medical reimbursement benefits. Though many of you might already know about it, let me go over it in brief for readers who have less knowledge about it. What is LTA ? As the […]


What is mean by Risk Appetite? What determines Risk-appetite?

Have you heard the word “Risk Apetite”? You might have heard this word from your mutual funds agent, your Ulip agent, your stock broker, from analysts giving tips or any other place, we hear the word and then we feel we understand it. may be you understand it, But how do you define it? One […]


How to manage ULIPS ? – Tips to become a smart investor

I am finally back from vacation, I feel bad for not writing anything for these 11 days .. I have written a post on GOLD Breakout here , People interested in investing in GOLD may be interested. Let me talk about IRR and ULIPS today. When we see talk about ULIPS, people generally see its […]


The basics of Trading with example of Reliance – For beginners

What is Trading? I see many people who want to try there hands in trading . Trading means buying and selling something with a short tenure in mind. Short tenure can be day, week or months. You can trade Stocks, Derivatives like Futures or Options or you can try out Commodities or currencies too. The […]


Your investment must be the way you want your life to be – Simple and Easy.

Keep it Simple Please Lot of people thinks that if they choose complex investment products then they can generate a good return. But then key to successful investment is make it as simple and easy as you want your life to be. There are many products available in markets , Some are extremely easy to […]


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