Procedure for LIC policy Surrender – Jeevan Saral

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Dear Sir,

I need your advice for following

I have three LIC policy

1. Jeevan Saral for me of 2,50,000 for 15 year i m paying 3062.00 quarterly since 28/01/2009

2. Jeevan saral for my wife of 5,00,000 for 30 year paying premium of 12130 half yearly since 26/09/2011

3. Jeevan Anand for me of 5,00,000 for  paying premium of 13021.00 half yearly since 26/09/2011 its return in policy term: 72 (Premium payment term:21).

I have following questions for you

1 is it advisable to surrender all this policy or any one as of now or what will be good time to surrender this policy? if i surrender this policy as of now how much amount i wud get ??

2. Do you have any other suggesation in place of surrender???

3. I am planing to buy term plan, accidental plan and health insurance..,is it advisable to buy these three plans.??

4 DO let me know the process of surrender of LIC polilcy?

Anticipating favorable response from your end.

Thanks in advance.


Dhaval Patel

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