17 most important questions that you should know before buying Health Insurance

Are you confused about many things when it comes to Health Insurance in India ? Are you afraid of rules and regulation in Mediclaim policies ? Don’t you have a clear idea about how will you deal with various things in Health Insurance and delaying your decision of taking a Health Policy ? Today we […]


Convert your Mutual funds into demat form

Do you have all your mutual funds investments in different companies and are looking for aggregating them at a common place? If so, there’s some good news for you. Now you can convert all your existing Mutual funds into demat form, which means that you can now have it electronically stored in your demat account, […]


Who will be the nominee for your financial products? – Concept of nominee with example

Did you think that your nominee is the person, who will get all the money legally from your Life Insurance Policy and Mutual funds investments? Ha! That is exactly what you’d think if you aren’t aware of the legal aspects. We assume a lot of things which sounds like they’re obvious, but are not true […]


Winners of JagoInvestor Forum Contest

Last month we launched Questions Forum, which is a place where you can ask your personal finance doubts . There were some prizes which I am going to announce today . JagoInvestor Forum is a place where anyone can ask a personal finance question and get its answer within 24 hours from experts present there […]


Some easy steps to follow while buying a Life Insurance policy in India

Have you already bought Life Insurance ? Though you might have done the sin of being underinsured, I would say its fine, because today we are going to look at detailed steps of buying Life Insurance and we will also learn a lot of things. Almost everyone has his own set of doubts regarding Life […]


Top 3 wishlist’s of ordinary investor today

Are investors in India spoiled a lot? Does it look like we have enough regulations for the investor to make sure his money is safe or do you think that laws still need to be made to make investing a happy experience? The stock market looks robust and we haven’t seen a major scam for […]


Learning from Comments [Part 3]

This is the 3rd series of learning from comments ,where I handpick some of the best comments which gives some very good insight and useful information. Following four comments talk about Gold ETF’s , Education about finances to Children , Real estate prices relation to supply of land and KYC . Gold ETF’s might not […]


Should you Invest in IDFC Infrastructure Bonds

From the Budget, infrastructure bonds are also eligible for additional tax exemption upto Rs 20,000 over and above Rs 1 lakh under Section 80C. IFCI Ltd was the first company to issue these infrastructure bonds and they have collected a substantial amount in the last few months. Now, IDFC Ltd has introduced its infrastructure bonds […]


Beware of Loading and Co-pay in Mediclaim Policies

Today we discuss two concepts in Health Insurance, generally present in the policy document, which policyholders are not normally aware about, because they don’t care to look at those clauses. We are talking about concept of Loading and Co-Pay . Let’s talk about both the concepts one by one. What is Loading in Health Insurance […]


Mumbai and Ahmedabad readers meet

We had Mumbai and Ahmedabad meets in last month and I am sharing Presentations and Pictures of those meets . We have done around 5-6 meets in total in Pune , Mumbai and Ahmedabad as of now and we are looking forward to do more in coming months with more better structure and more enthusiasm […]


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