iTerm , Term Insurance Aegon Religare

Did you recently bought a Term Insurance from some other Company ? Because here comes iTerm, the new sensational Term Insurance from my favorite Aegon Religare. This product has power to change the way Indians Look at Insurance. iTerm is currently the cheapest Term insurance in market, not only cheap, its dirt Cheap. Imagine how […]


What happens if you stop your ULIPs before 3 years

Lets Discuss quickly what happens when you stop paying your premiums in ULIPs before 3 yrs. So here is an interesting question and very bad answer. Its already there in your ULIP Brochure, but you never had the time to look at it. Read What are the Most Important questions you should ask from a […]


Happy To Announce JagoInvestor Forum

Jagoinvestor now has a Forum !! . I am extremely happy to announce that I have added Forums to this blog and how are one step ahead of what we were earlier . I was working on finding the best forum I can integrate and Finally I used SimplePress Forums which is a Plugin in […]


How Career affects our Financial Planning

“When you grow up, What do you want to become ?” , and the general answer is Doctor, Engineer or Pilot . That’s the story of 99% people . I just wonder if some kid today says “I want to become a Financial Planner” , how will his/her Parent React ? They will either think […]


Some Investment advice from P V Subramanyam

“You dont save for Retirement these days , You invest for Retirement these days” . Great Words , P V Subramanyam is an excellent Financial Planner . I read his posts and enjoy it at lot . Here is a video from him , which explains some of the basic and important advice from him […]


List of Best Debt Oriented Mutual Funds for 2009-2010

If you don’t like Equity because you have a lesser risk appetite and  still you want to make better returns , where do you invest ? The answer is Debt Oriented Mutual funds , In this article we will see What are Debt Oriented Mutual funds , A list of Good mutual funds and what […]


Do not Invest just for Tax Saving

“Tax saving should be result of your Investment planning and not vice versa” . Understand this very well . For most of the people, saving tax is such a big thing , that they forget the primary rule of Financial Planning and concentrate all their energy into Tax Saving . I see most of the […]


Rebirth of Jagoinvestor , We will get more Awesome now

Readers , We have successfully moved to WordPress platform and its a very emotional moment for me. This blog has been my baby and I have nurtured it all these 2 yrs. Today it has grown up and now comes another important milestone , Jagoinvestor is now one of the few handful of blogs on […]


Jagoinvestor is Moving to WordPress

Readers , I am extremelly excited to announce that We are moving from Blogger to WordPress now . It has been amazing experience till now and now I have decided to move to WordPress . After I migrate to WordPress , I will have better control over everything and we will have much more things […]


How much Insurance Cover is Enough ?

A reader asks me “How much Insurance is Enough ? Is 1 crore Enough ? ” . Now this is an extremely important and very easy to answer . How do you think about it is very very easy . There are two models of answering this , One is to sum up everything as […]


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