iTerm , Term Insurance Aegon Religare

Did you recently bought a Term Insurance from some other Company ? Because here comes iTerm, the new sensational Term Insurance from my favorite Aegon Religare. This product has power to change the way Indians Look at Insurance. iTerm is currently the cheapest Term insurance in market, not only cheap, its dirt Cheap.

Imagine how much Rs 8162 provide as an Insurance cover? I went to their website and found out that I can get astonishing Rs 1 crore Insurance for tenure of 25 yrs (My age is 26) just for Rs 8162 (including Service Tax)

iTerm insurance policy by aegon religare

Update 18th Dec 2009 :

Disclaimer : Please note that this is my personal View and should not be taken as Promotional Review , Hence take decision only after you are satisfied . The customer care of AR is not working well and hence the user experience is not that great . I personally feel it will get better in coming week and months . So I will buy mine only after that .

If you are concerned about Security and do not understand Insurance products and their pricing , please do not get into this product and stay will well known names like LIC and SBI or HDFC . Thanks

Main features  of iTerm Term Insurance

  • How to Buy : Can be bought “only online” from Aegon Religare website. (Only Internet Explorer Supported)
  • Sum Assured can  be Minimum – Rs. 10,00,000 , Maximum – No limit (subject to underwriting requirements)
  • Entry Age : Minimum – 18 years , Maximum – 60 years
  • Policy Term : Minimum – 5 years , Maximum – 25 years
  • Maturity Age : Maximum – 65 years
  • Premium Payment Frequency : Only Yearly
  • Free Look up Period : 15 days (you can return the policy if you dont like it)
  • Service Tax : Right now iTerm Shows you all the figures inclusive of Service tax . So in the above example I took , The total premium is just Rs 8162 (Smart company)
  • More Details : iTerm Brochure or get more Information by calling on 1800 209 9090 .

Comparison with other Insurers

If I compare Term Insurance Premiums of Different Insurance Companies , iTerm Comes out to be really really cheap , The second cheapest Policy around was 85% more costly than this , and it was ICICI Pru Protect  . I found this amazing tool which can compare Premiums of Different Insurance Companies with iTerm Term plan (Thanks to Ganesh)

Some Quotes

  • 30 years Male, Tenure 25 years, Insurance Cover  50 Lacs, Premium 5600
  • 30 years Female, Tenure 25 years, Insurance Cover  50 Lacs, Premium 4850
  • 35 years Male, Tenure 25 years, Insurance Cover 1 Crore, Premium 14500
  • 35 years Male, Tenure 25 years, Insurance Cover 1 Crore, Premium 11800
  • 50 years Male, Tenure 10 years, Insurance Cover 50 lacs, Premium 17200
  • 40 years Male, Tenure 20 years, Insurance Cover 75 Lacs, Premium 14925
  • 35 years Male, Tenure 20 years. Insurance Cover 60 Lacs, Premium 8220  (11640 if Smoker)

My Notes

iTerm Term Insurance was announced at Bloggers meet in Mumbai on 21st Nov, 2009 and I feel proud to tell you that “Jagoinvestor was also invited” to be part of the Blogger meet and part of Discussion on iTerm and overall Insurance Industry. Though I was not able to go there personally, I had one representative attend the meet on my behalf  (Thanks Abhishek Chandran) .

From the day Aegon Religare was Launched, I always knew that this Company has an attitude , It really know what to do and How to do it in Indian Insurance Sector . I think iTerm is one of the best products launched in the history of Indian Personal Finance System .

You can not miss this product , especially if you are still looking for Insurance. iTerm is a value for Money . India had a total internet base of over 60 million .  I am sure that this product will rock our Insurance Industry and in coming years Aegon Religare will lead the Industry for at least Pure Protection Plans .

Important Doubts

What should you do if you already taken Term Insurance recently ?

You don’t have Term Insurance but you are Planning to take one?

  • You are the perfect person , Not that you have not done the sin of being without Term Insurance till now , Your timing is perfect 🙂 . Go for this .

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But I am a hardcore fan of Endowment and Money back Policies ? Why do I take Term Insurane when it does not pay me anything back at the end ?

Is it Safe to Buy Online Product from This company , I trust public limited Companys only ?

  • Here is the Answer of Are private Insurance Companies Safe . Regarding Buying online products, don’t worry .. Indian Insurane market is much advanced these days and we already have companies like ApnaInsurance and InsuranceMall where you can Buy, Sell, Manage and even make the Claims for your Policies.

I want to go for a Big Enough Cover and Want to take only iTerm , no other . What should I do ?

  • Break your Policy into two and take two policies . so Instead of taking one Policy for 1 crore ,  take two policies of 50 Lacs .

How to Buy iTerm Term Insurance online ? Can I get a Demo Please ?

Below is a Presentation with each slide showing you each page you need to fill while Buying iTerm Term Insurance online , Make sure you see it in Full screen to get a better feel .

“I Term Term Insurance From Aegon Religare Online Buying Demo”

View more documents from manish.pucsd

If you are reading this in Email , you can see the presentation on the Blog .  Readers with decent Internet Speed can also see Video Demo on Youtube.

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Nothing is perfect and Everything has shortcomings , and so has iTerm , Which are

  1. Will take time to reach in Rural Areas as iTerm can only be bought Online , because of this the first layer of target audience are people who have access to Internet . Aegon Religare need to formulate a Strategy to Capture Rural market .
  2. As their is no agent involved in between there are many people who would not be able to keep track of yearly payments and they are more vulnerable to forget the payment unlike the scenario where agents made sure premium was paid on time , Not sure how far its an issue , tough not a big one .
  3. iTerm came out with this Policy without Much Advertisement and hence it would take some time for people to know about this .
  4. There are no Riders available with this Policy , which  may look little bad , but the primary objective of Cheap cover is provided , so I think its fine .
  5. Company is pretty new , so it will take time for the company to gain confidence , and given its pretty cheap premium , its subject of Crticism and Suspicion form general public .


iTerm is a innovative Term Insurance, Its a must have Product in everyone Portfolio because of its Value for money and amazing simplicity and importance as a Life Insurance Protection . Aegon Religare is showing some great leadership in Insurance Area and the only thing I am waiting for is its IPO 😉 .

Comments Please , Are you going to take iTerm Policy ? Do you need any more Insurance , Please share with us in comment and feel free to raise more doubts .

What happens if you stop your ULIPs before 3 years

Lets Discuss quickly what happens when you stop paying your premiums in ULIPs before 3 yrs. So here is an interesting question and very bad answer. Its already there in your ULIP Brochure, but you never had the time to look at it.

ULIP - Unit Linked Insurance Plan

Read What are the Most Important questions you should ask from a ULIP agent ?

One of the readers on this blog asks me

“I started investing in a sip of Lic Plan Money Plus T-193.I was assured of atleast 20% returns, but I Found  out recently that my surrender value is much lesser than what I have invested.

So I want to stop freeze this policy.But the agent says that the value of units will also freeze and I will not get the amt. as per the value of units at the time of lock in period. So when the lock in period is over(3 years), I will get amount as per the current rates of the units.

How far is it true?

Now This is True, in LIC Money Plus and some other ULIPs, If you stop paying your Premiums but then your Units will be sold that time and your money will be Kept in Money Terms which you will get back after the lock in period is over .

So for an example:

If you take policy in Jan 2008 and Stop your premiums before 3 yrs of lock in period, you will get back the amount after 3 yrs are over, but the amount will not be as per the NAV after 3 yrs, but at the time when you stopped your ULIP payments.

Note that you will get back your money only if you have paid full 1 yrs premium, If you have paid anything less than 1 yrs, then you wont get back your money if you stop it. All this information is generally never passed to Investors because of Heavy misselling in ULIPS

Now this is the rule from some of the ULIP’s, not all .. Some Ulips give you a choice of surrendering the Policy when you want, so you can tell them that you want them to sell your units or not . If you want, they will sell those and Keep it with them and then give you back after Lock in period of 3 yrs are over.

You need to check your ULIP if its a choice or a forced rule. Check your Policy Documents and Find out whats written there.. Before Buying a Product make sure if a product suits your Requirement

Other Important Rules applicable when you Stop Paying premiums before 3 yrs

  • Your Insurance Cover will immediately be Ceased, so you are not covered for any amount once you stop the Policy
  • The Death Benefit is just your Fund Value
  • Other Charges like Fund Management Charges and Yearly Expenses will still be Deducted.
  • You can revive the Policy after 3 or 5 yrs depending on the Company rule

Question : So it means that If I stop My policy (means Premium Payments) before 3 yrs, I will still get back my money after 3 years?

Answer : Yes, Many people think that They have to pay the premiums for at least 3 yrs other wise they will not get their money back, That’s not true.


Who is to blame here? Company or the Agent, my vote goes for the Investor Himself, Agent or Company are to be blamed, but for very less part. If you stop your Premiums before 3 yrs Its a costly Affair. So better buy your products before much thought and planning. ULIP’s are only to be bought for long term and you should be able to manage it well.

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Happy To Announce JagoInvestor Forum

Jagoinvestor now has a Forum !! . I am extremely happy to announce that I have added Forums to this blog and how are one step ahead of what we were earlier . I was working on finding the best forum I can integrate and Finally I used SimplePress Forums which is a Plugin in WordPress . The link of the Forum is


Main Points

  • You can now Interact through Other readers and do all the discussions on the Forum
  • I have added 4 main forums currently called Insurance , Mutual-Funds , Tax and Financial Planning . I can add more Sub Topics like “Stock Market” and many more .. this is just a Start .
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The Forum is in Initial Shape and I am learning how to make it better Look wise , So feel free to post your Suggestions Here and May be your tips if you are a Forum or WordPress or CSS expert here 🙂

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Feel free to tell me how you like it and if you dont like it and It sucks 🙂 . I am learning WordPress slowly and making changes in the look and feel of blog , Wait for some weeks (read months) and It would look much better and beautiful than what it is today 🙂 .


Jagoinvestor Has Collected Rs 3,600 for the 3 families we Talked at 3 stories that might change your perception about your own financial situation .

Here is the list of people who made the Contributions and I would like to thanks them for their Kindness and Help , every help is a Big help . I will be sending the money to My father who will hand it over to each of them . In case you want to make any contributions , It would be great .. you can make as small contribution as you wish .

Contributors List


How Career affects our Financial Planning

“When you grow up, What do you want to become ?” , and the general answer is Doctor, Engineer or Pilot . That’s the story of 99% people . I just wonder if some kid today says “I want to become a Financial Planner” , how will his/her Parent React ?

They will either think he is an alien or they will find fault in their DNA .

How career affects financial planning

So here is the main question. Where are we in our Life, in our Career? I bring this important question because one of my client 2 days back told me that He is not happy with what he does and he is looking forward to do something which really satisfies him and therefore he cant make long term commitment.s of doing SIP , Paying Regular Premium Payments etc etc, because he is not sure if he can take it anymore.

He is a well earning Software professional , but he actually never enjoys his work and actually wants to be into something like Education or Music which he loved always but had to give up because His parents wanted him to not waste his Life .. LOL . Now I am not a Magician who can fix all the problems like these .

Relation between different aspects

We are today going to talk on how your Career affects your Financial Planning . Lets see how things are related and dependent on each other .Our Goals in Life are important to us, We need money to fulfill them , at least most of them .Money comes from our Jobs and Jobs come to us from our Education (most of the times) .

And Our decision of what we get in Education , from where do that come ?

Here is the root cause . Ask any MBA aspirant why he is preparing for MBA ? What kind of answers do you get ?

  • My friend is also doing it
  • What else can i do ?
  • Good money in MBA

Same problem with Engineering and others Jobs . How many people do you know who say “I love what I do” .. “My day is amazing everyday at work and I am so happy to be at work” . Lets see a typical situation of an average Indian which is happening from Decades and needs to be changed .

“Borrowed dreams don’t make for happy realities”

What happens with average Indian in Career

“Dont let your Schooling come between your Education”

How Career affects our Financial Planning

Finally I come to the point . So for acheiving our goals and satisfying our needs of daily life , we need consistent flow of money from our Jobs , Consistent money can come in two ways

1#. You don’t truly love what you do in your Job , but keep doing it no matter what , and get your Salary every month

I don’t need to explain much here , but you smart to understand and picturize the situation , these people do not like what they do , but are dragging

from years in the same company or same profession.

These are people who make decent money from their jobs , but they are internally never satisfied from their career and somewhere unconsciously are afraid of the fact that If they loose the job or leave it themselves ,from where will cash flow in to meet the expenses .

Life is long, if you are just 25 or 30 in this situation, this situation may not look very bad to you , but wait for some more years , once you have other responsibilities like a Family and Children ,Regular Bills and Education costs , you will so stuck .

One of my friend in Pune says that “It comes to his life daily morning when he has to leave for office, He just dont like the work he does” , This is critical situation .Our lives today is full of stress , Problem at work , Issues with Marriage (Amazing Book I am reading these days) , Unhealthy life style and many more like these and combined all , It has deadly effects.

In coming years you will have to plan for your expenses and money will come from this job which you hate , and then it will be tough situation . These people unconsciously worry a lot for their Financial Goals like Child Education , Marriage , Retirement etc because they somewhere know that there are greater chances of not excelling at what they do because they just cant perform better and what is expected out of them .

These are the people who make Investing mistakes in hope for big returns because they want to fulfill their Financial goals as soon as they can .  Most of the people in this category do things like one mentioned in this article

I know people who earn 90,000  per month but they are the most negative people I have seen when it comes to their future , and yes they tell me how idiotic job they do .

2#. You Love what you do in your Job and get your Salary every month

Now this is a very different Situation , here you love to do the job , Your satisfaction part is already fullfilled . If you not paid for what you do , you can still do the job sometimes and wont feel about it . I charge clients for the Financial planning , but I do not charge my close friends when I do it  .

I am not paid there .. but Its fun to me , Its something I enjoy . Every new article is a challange for me,  Its never a job for me .  Every new comment is an appreciation and a message from you that I am being read and I write wonderful 🙂

As per a famous Chinese proverb Find a job which you truely Enjoy and you will never have to work after that” . People who love their jobs already solve one of the big issues in daily life . When they are at Home , they are more cheerful , more energetic and tend to make a better environment  around them .

These poeple Financial life is also better because they dont have a mental pressure of “making themselves fullfilled” at work . These people know that they are going to get much better in what they are doing and someday will reach heights , where they will have much better salary and hence it will help them that time if they are unable to save and invest today .

I am not saying that they dont save or invest, but they are not worried for their future .  Read an interesting article on “Can you live with 90% of your Salary ?”

I know a person who is 23 and recently left his Software Job to make a career in full time blogging , He earns more than 1 lac per month now .

What is the Solution ?

Oops .. Its a tough problem to solve . The best thing I can think of is

1. Identify first if you are happy to do what you are doing , make sure you understand that you are going to do it for 20-30 yrs . I am referring to people in Software especially , because most of them just know it sucks .

2. Identify what you like to do and how can you make a career out of it . Career 360 is a good place to look for some career related stuff

3. Gradually start upgrading your skills and get some education in the field and in the meanwhile create a buffer of money which will support you for some 1-2 yrs if things fail and you can get back to what you were doing.

4. Gradually shift to other field once you are ready to make a move .
One thing is sure .. If you do what you love , you worry least about salary hikes , office politics , worry for slowdown and most important “getting Fired”, you have that amazing confidence that you are the powerful person in your job because you will always excel at what you love to do .

What should be the Ideal Situation

We have to plan for different things in life , some are small things and others are very important in life . Below is the list of things I personally feel are extremely critical for a successful Life .

Life Planning

Each of them is dependents on the things coming next in life . Your Education decides what Job will you get in , Your Job decides how much you are happy and how much you make in money terms .

This combined with how well you choose you Life partner and how great you plan your Family decides your Life ahead, and at the end what we discuss on this blog comes “Financial Planning” . It depends on various small things we generally ignore 🙂 .

So you need to ask following Questions

1. Do I love my job ?

2. Even Though I feel I love this Job , Is there something I can do better and Make a much better career ?

3. If I had to do my current work for next 30 yrs , Am I mentally Ready for that or Will I just Die out screaming !! .

4. What is it that I like to do and what are the career opportunities in that field ?

Answer it yourself 🙂


This is a very Important aspect you need to think about , Financial Planning is totally dependent on how comfortably and happily manage to get the cash flow in your accounts . If its a burden on you rather than a enjoyful event, you are bound to get screwed some time in coming years .

Forget how to choose the best Mutual fund and what is the cheapest Term Plan or What is the best way you can invest your 2 lacs kind of silly questions .. They are idiotic questions which we try to find answers for , answer these real questions in life first .


I am sure my writing this article at 3:30 am in morning will not go waste and you will provide your valuable comment on this .

Why don’t you let me know about what you feel about this and to what extent you agree on this, Can you suggest some ways out for this problem?

Some Investment advice from P V Subramanyam

“You dont save for Retirement these days , You invest for Retirement these days” . Great Words , P V Subramanyam is an excellent Financial Planner . I read his posts and enjoy it at lot . Here is a video from him , which explains some of the basic and important advice from him .

Please share your views on his advice and let me know if you like these kind of Videos or not … Shall I put more of  these of not ?

List of Best Debt Oriented Mutual Funds for 2009-2010

If you don’t like Equity because you have a lesser risk appetite and  still you want to make better returns , where do you invest ?

The answer is Debt Oriented Mutual funds , In this article we will see What are Debt Oriented Mutual funds , A list of Good mutual funds and what are the returns you should expect from them .

mutual funds

Have a look at List of Best Equity Diversified Mutual Funds. These funds are getting very popular these days as people are not ready to put their money in market for long term because of Market Uncertainty and decreased risk appetite after the recent fall in 2008-2009 .

Hence these Debt Oriented Mutual Funds have become very popular , Read This Article

What are Debt Oriented Mutual Funds ?

Debt Oriented Mutual Funds are those Mutual funds which Invest primarily in Debt products like Debentures , Certificates of deposits from Corporates , Govt Bonds etc , They put a small portion in Equity also (10-40% max) . These funds generally return in range of 10-20% in long term and the downside is limited in these Mutual funds as Debt Component is High.

Please note that even these Funds can give Negative Returns but that happens in Extreme fall downs or very bad times. You should not assume these will always give positive returns. Also You should also concentrate on Long term returns, Dont judge a Mutual fund by Its Short term Returns

Let us see some Stats which will give you more idea about these .

  • In 7 yr time frame Best return is 20%and worst return is 8.09% .
  • In 3 yr time frame Best return is 12.09% and Worst return is -5.87%  .
  • 5 funds are more than 10 yrs old .
  • Most of the Funds do not have an Entry load, but can have exit loads if exited before 2-3 yrs . Some have locking period also , but no tax benefit .

Below is the Chart I created which Shows CAGR return of Top 10 Debt Oriented Mutual Funds (Click to Enlarge)

List of Best Debt Oriented Mutual Funds
List of Best Debt Oriented Mutual Funds

Source :

List of Best Debt Oriented Mutual Funds

UTI Mahila Unit Scheme

  • 16%+ return Since Launch, 8 yrs old Fund , Excellent Track Record .
  • This is my Favorite Mutual Fund . Amazing one .. Read a complete review for this Mutual Fund Here

Tata Young Citizens

  • 14 yrs old Fund, Excellent Returns , This is extremely Risky Fund .. Don’t consider this as a Debt Oriented Fund
  • Equity Component is very high at 50% . So I am not sure if this will suit as Debt Oriented Fund .. only people with strong heart should take this .


  • One of the Best Funds , 28 yrs old fund , Lambi Race ka Ghoda , 13%+ return CAGR which is amazing for any debt oriented fund .
  • Equity Exposure of less than 30% and the worst return ever in 1 time period is -14% , the best is 35-40% in a year .

HDFC Multiple Yield Plan 2005

  • 4 yrs old fund , Extremely low Equity Exposure of less than 15% ,  Average return
  • Looks great for Future performance .

Other Good Funds

  1. Birla Sun Life Asset Allocation Conservative
  2. Templeton India Pension
  3. Unit Linked Insurance Plan ’71

Note : please make sure you read all the other details yourself before you decide on buying , These are just my personal opinion and make sure you are your own decision maker 😉 .

Last year when markets were doing bad , Debt Funds were the best choice of the Investors , However Its not the best time to Invest in pure Debt Funds , but rather invest in Debt Oriented Funds if you are not ready to take high risk.

Look at the following Video which Is not a recent one, but talks about How investors were eager to invest in Debt Funds Last year .


If you don’t have very high Risk Appetite , you can look for alternatives to Debt Oriented Mutual Funds , Its always better to park your funds with these if you want more than 10% return with some amount of Risk .

Please note that These are not equity Diversified funds and hence you should not expect very high returns from these .. If you get around 10-12% from these funds that is more than good . Anything more is wonderful .

Please share your comments. Do you think you will invest in these funds, Are the returns from these Mutual funds are worth looking at them? Any do you know of any other fund which is not covered here? Please leave your comments.

Do not Invest just for Tax Saving

“Tax saving should be result of your Investment planning and not vice versa” . Understand this very well . For most of the people, saving tax is such a big thing , that they forget the primary rule of Financial Planning and concentrate all their energy into Tax Saving .

I see most of the people are trapped in idiotic products because of their obsession with Tax Saving . Most of the people today are invested in products which does not suit them, which they dont need, Which they do not understand .

All because of their idiotic decision of “Investing for Tax Saving !!”  .

tax saving joke


For some people the Products they buy for Tax savings are like This Pond , They are not sure what they will get from buying it , but they are happy about the fact that they are saving some money in Tax . Which is idiotic .

Typical Scenario

Most of the people dont do their Tax Planning in the start of the year . They just neglect The Tax Planning part. Somewhere at the end of the Year around Feb, They recieve a letter from their company that they need to submit their Documents for Tax savings so that they can avail the benefit of 80C and other Tax saving benefits like HRA , LTA ,  Medical Reimbursements , etc .

Even then they dont budge and most of the people wait till the deadline date to come very near .

Then finally comes the deadline date and now “Giving The proofs of Investment” is much more important than “Making Sensible Financial Decisions” . Its too late to Plan for things . ULIP agents , Insurance agents and Mutual funds agents are ready to take the charge and they will brain wash you with all their nice words , They themselves dont understand the product a lot of times .

You have no choice but to invest so that you save tax now . You cant even imagine a scenario where you dont invest your money and pay the tax . It feels like the most idiotic Decision ever . Which I feel can be a good decision sometimes .

Top Reasons for Investing

Below is a small diagram which tries to show how what are the biggest reasons people invest their money . Please Note that this is based on my understand and experience with so many investors over the years . And this is what I feel depicts the scenario closest to actual .
Investing Pattern for Tax Saving in India

Problems arising Due to This

  1. The worst Sufferers are those who invest in LIC and other companies Endowment Polices and Money Back Polices  for the primary reason of Tax Savings. These people do not think that even though they are saving tax for this particular year , they are actually getting into commitment for next 15-20 yrs (or Policy Tenure) and Have no Idea how its going to meet their Future Goals . Read a Review on LIC Jeevan Tarang Policy .
  2. Similar problem is with people who take ULIP’s . They Invest for a year to save tax and then next year they have no idea if they would be able to even afford it or not !! . This happens with mostly new joinees in Companies .They have no idea what to ask their ULIP agent at the time of Buying the product .
  3. Next is “Liquidity Problem” . Most of the people do not think about the lock in period and do not take into consideration their Liquidity Requirement for coming Years . They Invest in ELSS and then next year they need money . They Invest in Tax Saving FD’s and then cry for any Expenses which were very obvious to arise down the line .

What we must Learn

Tax Saving is just a benefit provided when you Invest your Money, dont make it as a Primary objective to Invest. What you have to concentrate on is your Investment Planning , and after you have to restructure your Investment planning in such a way so that you also get Tax Benefits from them.

Investment Planning First and Tax planning second .If you are not able to save tax , its fine , Pay taxes . Its always better to avoid getting into messy products which dont suit you and suck your blood out . Tax Planning is Important, But the more Important things is that you don’t get to obsessive about it and do it only if its needed.

Its not a big deal to save tax at the cost of your Finances future . See an article on Gfactor , a decision making tool for Financial Products

I can relate this with “Not using Protection during Sex” and then suffering for a long time because of that small mistake .  This is exactly True with all people who dont not need Crappy Insurance and then one single mistake, Investing in it for Tax saving and then every year , Suffer with it, Paying a huge premium for the Small Insurance not sufficient for you and for the Maturity Amount which is not at all exciting .

Make sure that you invest in some product only if matches these 4 criteria .

So are you one of them who tax Tax saving with High Priority ? Have you invested for Tax saving as primary reasons ? Share with us . We can talk about it and make sure that it does not happen again . Post your Views on this ..

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Rebirth of Jagoinvestor , We will get more Awesome now

jagoinvestor moved to wordpress Readers , We have successfully moved to WordPress platform and its a very emotional moment for me. This blog has been my baby and I have nurtured it all these 2 yrs. Today it has grown up and now comes another important milestone , Jagoinvestor is now one of the few handful of blogs on Financial Planning , which is known to deliver high quality content on the topic .  I am sure moving to WordPress will boost more traffic to this blog and over all ranking would improve in search Engines because of better SEO capabilities .

This blog needed some Investments from long time and finally I have done some investments on this blog like

  1. Hosting on
  2. To give you an awesome User Experience , I Bought Premium Thesis Theme (this is considered one of the most amazing themes in WordPress , very Optimized for SEO and very easy to manage , we will see in coming days)
  3. I Hired a Professional for Migrating it to WordPress , I wanted to make sure nothing breaks in migration and Its done quite fast so that the blog is available to readers and not down for a lot of time .
  4. This is not monitory Investment , but more important investment and thats time investment by me , I would now be reading more stuff (for my personal growth and To write on more diverse topics for you all) . Also I am now planning to be more regular from now onwards because I am now taking this blog more seriously . Expect More articles but with smaller sizes 🙂 and more frequently , but remember that  “Key to Happiness is Low Expectations” . I am also starting my personal blog in some days which will contain my random posts and life experiences (Will update you later) .

I am in no mood of writing anything till this weekend now , So lets use this time to get suggestions from you all on what all new things we should do on this blog . I have Some suggestions and ideas , may be you can vote for it or give your own 🙂 .


1. Add Forums: Readers can make their profiles and then start discussions on some topic . You can talk over variety of topics like Mutual funds , Insurance, Taxation , Stock markets , products review , any thing else related to Finance and Investing .

2. Start a Knowledge base of products , topics and services in Financial Domain . It would be like Wikipedia of Indian Financial planning world , we can have any topic , idea or whatever … and have details , we can have opti0n of any user editing it so that it can grow quickly and you can also contribute .

3. More Videos More videos and audio tutorials

4. More Calculators and Presentations to make things easy for you ..

5. We can have podcasts and Live tutorials where we can meet (limited people , Free sessions , through registrations only) and we can talk over some topic .

6. Personal Consulting through Skype or Phone (you will call me) , Only for people seleted by me through Quizs and Contests coming soon …

Feel free to suggest Ideas which can help this blog grow .

Some Updates and Clarifications

1. I am receiving a lot of mails now on random topics directly , Please make sure that you ask important and worthy questions , I still get “I have bought XYZ at Rs 30 , please advice” kind of mails , I would not be answering those questions , please use Logic ”

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Note : Over 2-3 weeks , please expect some random changes happening to the blog . I would be making a lot of mistakes and then re-fix them to learn a lot .

Jagoinvestor is Moving to WordPress

Readers , I am extremelly excited to announce that We are moving from Blogger to WordPress now . It has been amazing experience till now and now I have decided to move to WordPress . After I migrate to WordPress , I will have better control over everything and we will have much more things on this blog .

When is the Migration ?

So the day of Migration is 11th Nov 2009 , Wednesday . Hence , This blog might be down for some hours on Wednesday , at worst the whole day .

What Happens after we move to WordPress

We are going to make this blog much more exciting and much more happening place after we move to WordPress . We will add things like

  • Forums (where all the readers can interact with each others) .
  • Profile Pages for all the Readers
  • Videos section
  • Calculators Section
  • Much better feel and look (someone help me with some good theme please, any WP experts here)
  • Overall it would take time and I things will be added slowly .

Well , all this has happened very fast and i am writing this post in a hurry .. so please bear with me 🙂 .

Please give me some time to get back in form and become familiar with WordPress , expect some low activity on blog for 1-2 weeks . See you all at new 🙂 .

As always , I would like to hear your comments 🙂 .

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How much Insurance Cover is Enough ?

A reader asks me “How much Insurance is Enough ? Is 1 crore Enough ? ” . Now this is an extremely important and very easy to answer . How do you think about it is very very easy .

There are two models of answering this , One is to sum up everything as per your situation and then come up with a Figure and the other one which I recently thought about is a reverse answering yourself (yes !! , yourself) on how it will take care of your dependents after you are gone .

How Much Insurance Is Enough

Are you Wondering How much Insurance you should take ?

Many people I interact with come up with Weird Figures for their Insurance Cover , Without any calculations they will cough up numbers like 5 lacs , 20 lacs , 50 lacs , 80 lacs or 1 crore (Come on .. this is not a game called “Even Figure , Even Figure” , Its not a Game !! ).

I ask them a very Simple thing, I ask them to explain me, literally explain me in writing, How the money your Dependents are going to receive will be utilized and How it will take care of things once they are not there.

Not even one of them succeeds in allocating that money for different goals which are pending after they are gone and be satisfied with it.

There are numerous things to be taken care of after the earning person is gone, like –

  • Providing Regular Income to your Family (like you would have done if you were Alive)
  • Making sure all the Debt is Paid off (Which you were going to clear off If you were there, Things like Home Loan, Car Loan, Any other loan)
  • Making Sure that your Children Future Expenses like Education and Marriage are taken care of (Some money might be required to be Invested for these goals which will haunt you later in life)
  • Enough Money for Emergencies which could Arise and Literally Destroy your Family Happiness like Unexpected Accidents, Some Critical Illness etc

Seriously !! .. This is Common Sense .

Read an article on Process of Calculating you Insurance Cover

Insurance Cover as 10 times of Yearly Income is not a good Idea

Now most of the Insurance agents definition of Insurance cover is “10-15 times of your yearly Income”. I ask Why?

Ajay Earns 8 lacs, Just one dependent, Has some good asset corpus, Should he just buy 10-15 times of Insurance cover … No !!

Robert Earns 4 Lacs , Has a home loan (Read how to find the cheapest Home Loan), 4 Children and a personal Wife along with Old Parents, High Expenses, No other Earning or “Capable of Earning” Member in Family. Should he buy 10-15 times of Insurance only? NO !! .

The Model just gives a rough Idea on what can be your Requirement but most of the times it does not work, have the guts and logical mindset to Deny what People in personal Finance space tell you , they are not GOD, they lack common sense sometimes (Read “most of the times”)

Calculating Insurance is not a very tough process, Its just Logical and step by step process.

An Example

Robert tells me that he earns 4 lacs a year and he thinks that 50 lacs is enough for Insurance cover. Some one told him that 10-15 times of his yearly Income is what he should be Covered for.

Conversation goes like this

Me : So you believe that 50 lacs is a good amount for you to be Covered. Fine !!, You are dead and tell me what happens Next !! .
Robert : hmm .. ok , See , my Family expenses is around 20k per month If I am not there , So that is one thing which should continue , so I will put 30 Lacs in some Instrument Like some Best Fixed Deposit (FD) or MIP and it will pay 20k per month to my family , I think 30 Lacs would go for that . 30 lacs getting 8% interest will be 2.4 lacs and that means 20k per month .

Me : OK , Not the best way of doing it , but looks workable and safe .. Go ahead
Robert : Another 20 Lacs will be enough for other Important things 🙂

Me : No .. Get Deeper !! , Dig out things and tell me exactly How !!
Robert : OK , I have 3 children .. I think a Good Education today can be taken care by 20 lacs for all of them .

Me : Talk About Future , Its 12 yrs away , They are kids now .. Today 20 lacs is good , but what about 12 yrs from now ? Do you know that Education costs are increasing by 10% per year now a days . You require 60 lacs after 12 yrs For Higher Education of your Children . Understand Inflation .
Robert (quiet) : Hmm.. That’s something I didn’t think about . So I will need 60 lacs , I need 40 lacs more of cover .

___ Read Top 10 Financial Planning Doubts

Me : Actually No !! , All you need is to get 20 lacs only , because you will actually Invest it , You need 60 lacs at the time of their Education , not now . So you Invest that money in such a way that you get around 10% return and you will have enough savings for your Child Education , Make sure you dont take more than required risk for this .

Robert : ok , Got it . So the 50 lacs exhausted . I am not sure what are the other things which needs to be taken care of ?

Me : DO you have some liabilities, Like Loans?
Robert : I had a Car loan, but only 6 lacs is remaining. Should I take care of that also?

Me : I don’t mind if you don’t think about it , just tell me how is that going to taken care of if you I kill you just now !! If Its paid from 20 lacs , then somewhere your Child Education is compromised . (This Idiot Doesn’t have a Home yet and He is riding a Honda , and smartie earns 4 lacs a year)
Robert (Dying to kick me) : OK OK . Add another 6 lacs , now its 56 lacs .


Me : Good 🙂 . Was there anything you wanted to provide your Family if you were there with them.
Robert : (after a lot of thinking and trying to hide his guilt now) Well Actually We dont have a Home yet. I am planning to buy a Home soon, may be around 30 lacs. [doesn’t fits his Budget, but smartie recently bought A Home Theatre (Doesn’t Have a home yet), This is what I call “Not understanding Difference Between Needs and Wants” ]


Me : So definitely you want to make sure that they have a Home once you are not there , the same way you were going to buy one , or you want to live on rent on life because you are not there to enjoy the “Sweet Home”.
Robert : So that adds up 30 lacs more and the requirement is around 56 + 30 = 86 Lacs .


Me : I am happy to say “YES” 🙂 . you made my day …
Robert : So that’s it .. I need 36 lacs More .


Me : So your Parents are Old , correct ? And you people have spacial blessings from god that your Family can never have accidents or your family will never get into Emergencies ? Right !!
Robert : Well .. That can Happen , But lets skip it . It has never happened and I don’t think it would happen with my Family .

Me : No !! I refuse to accept it .. You have taken care of other things, All your 86 lacs is going to help them in some or the other way. Now tell me how will your Family will Handle with emergency situations which might demand 10 lacs of Expenses. I know you cant calculate exactly how much they might require. It can be 5, 10 or 20 lacs, but lets take a good figure of 10 lacs and better prepare for something if not anything .
Robert : OK, Lets add 10 lacs more for anything unexpected or Emergency expenses which we have not taken care of .. Its 96 lacs now ..


Me : OK, this is a better situation !! I would not say that this is the best Insurance Planning, but you have done a good planning and this is a much better situation than earlier. This is what a common person can do for himself and this should work.
Robert : Yup .. I accept .. I understood it now ..


Me : So Robert , Make sure you understand that Insurance is something which you need to take for your Family and it should be enough to make their life comfortable once you are gone, this extra 46 lacs of cover will cost you not more than 20k per year (10k for people around 28-29 yrs). If you are planning why not plan systematically and 100% , why mess it up.
Robert : Yup, Actually my Uncle told me that I should take around 10-12 times of my Yearly Income as my Insurance Cover, so I came with figure of 50 lacs


Me : F^&%#!^#(@^……….F#*(^$(*@^*$^@*(…….F*&#^&^$*#^$
Robert : Yes, you are right !! I understand it now.

Note : the assumption is that there are no assets, If there are Assets, then you need to deduct it from your Insurance cover.

Learning from This

So if you think you should have Rs X amount of Cover, Just ask yourself how is that amount going to take care of everything after you are gone and you will be surprised to know how wrong you were . This is specially for people who have those Endowment Policies stinking in their portfolio.

I ask them openly if they want to share with us How is that helping their Families if they are not there. Some Important learning are.

  • Covering your Dependents is P1 (software guys will understand this), P1 means some thing with Highest Priority, something for which you should stop all other tasks and make sure you fix that.
  • It does not cost a bomb if you fix this, Term Insurance is Cheap

That’s all ..

@Ganesh has a very good comment which completes the post with his awesome thoughts . please go through it ..

I don’t think any part of the example is incorrect or unnecessary. In fact, a thought process like this can open up someone’s mind completely, and arrive at a well adjudged decision on his/ her insurance needs. Kudos to you.

But having said that, drawing a line between one’s insurance needs and his means to cover premium expenses is critical as well.

Let us take Robert’s example. He has a salary of 4 lacks per Annam (33.5K per month). Expenses include 20K per month living expenses (excluding his own) and roughly 13.5K per month EMI (for 6 lakhs, at 12%, for 10 years) among many other.

So he is living way beyond his means already. How will he ever pay premiums for insurance? Beats me 🙂

But it is just an example, right? Characters like Robert, though rare, do exist. Before he starts with high insurance cover, he should start building assets or save/ invest for building assets.

So in my opinion, Robert should cover living expenses, loan liabilities and sufficient contingency to begin with and slowly increase his cover based on how his earning/ saving potential progress. It is unfortunate that he is in this position already, but that’s the truth.

So providing exclusive cover for children’s education and future home, though very important, is beyond what he can afford at present. (By the way, LIC’s Anmol Jeevan – a term plan – for a cover of 96 lakhs and 25 year term would cost 36.5K per Annam or around 3K per month)

Here is another view point (bit radical) on being heavily insured. The amount at stake is 96 lakhs in case of Robert’s death. It’s a scary thought, but in today’s world it might just be enough for greedy, evil minds to devise devilish ways to stake claim for the bumper jackpot (given his current earning potential).

To put it simple, the insurance amount should be sufficient enough for Robert to say “I care about you” to his dependents and not so much to hear “Hell with you” from them!

Comments are Welcome, If you read this and feel like you learnt some thing useful, you are obligated to put your Comments here ..