What is a COW !! , A truth about Indian Financial Sector

Do you know what is a COW !!! Keep reading , don’t thin’k its not related to Personal Finance, After you read the paragraph below and read further you will come to know. This posts talks about the state of knowledge of Indian ulip and mutual funds agents. The Indian Cow “HE IS THE COW. […]


A common Man’s Dream about Money

How much do you want to earn ? What kind of Financial life do you want ? Don’t we claim to lot of people that Money is not important to us in life ? We want happiness, We want time to do things which we “like”. We are interested in health , happiness and peace […]


What is Financial Planning – CFP

This post is for people who want to make career in Financial Planning . I will be talking about CFPCM Certification here . What is CFP Certification ? CFP or Certified Financial Planer Certification programmes in India are offered mainly by Financial Planning Standards Board India. Its a certification after doing which you will be […]


The Internal Analysis of Akruti Crash

Numbers and Graphs Speak. I thought of starting my articles from some Analysis on Akruti City Crash . In this article we will learn , how can we before hand get some idea about events like this and have clear picture of whats going on . See my previous posts on Warning about Akruti City […]


3 M’s of Successful Trading

In the last Article , we had seen an Introduction to trading . In this section we will see what are the 3 M’s of Successful Trading as per Dr Alexander Elder . I will give brief introduction of each of it , Its your responsibility to take it further and learn it in detail […]


A Small tutorial on “How to start Trading?”

What does it takes to be successful in Trading ? We are going to see 2 articles on this subject, this is Part 1. In this part I will give introduction to Trading and tell you what exactly is it and how should you approach it (if you want to do it). Dr. Alexander Elder, […]


Why you should Plan your Taxes at the start of the Year?

Most of the people take care of there 80C at the end of the year around Jan-Mar . Ideally it should be at the start of the year . Let us see why its should be done at the start of the year itself to plan your taxes. Following are the 4 most important reasons […]


How to use Oscillators to BUY an SELL

Hi This is 4th part of the “How to be a better than average Investor” series of articles. Today’s lesson is on Oscillators . What are Oscillators : Oscillators are the indicators which move from overbought to oversold area, generally from 0 to 100. when they are nearing 100 it means stocks are overbought and […]


Asset Allocation presentation

I am putting a small presentation prepared by a friend Subbu . This talks about asset allocation at different stages of life . Investments At Different Stages Of Life View more presentations from manish.pucsd. Incase you have not looked at “How to be a better than average Investor” series articles . You can look at […]


How to use Trendlines to find Support and Resistance

Hi Readers This is 3rd part of “How to become Better than average investor” Series. Read Fundamental and Technical Analysis, What and When ?: Part 1 Using Support and Resistance: Part 2. Let us today discuss how can we use Trendlines to use Support and resistance levels and make better Entry or Exits. What is […]


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