Top 10 doubts and answers in Financial Planning which every beginner investor has

Most of the newcomers and even some experienced people struggle with basic questions and concepts of Financial planning. I hear most of the readers on this blog and even over the chat with them asking the same kind of questions over and over again. So here are top 10 questions and their answers. Read them […]


What are Income Clubbing Provisions and Tax Implications?

I have invested some money in Fixed Deposit in the name of my wife as she is not earning any income. Will she have to pay tax on this? This is an innocent questions because of inadequate knowledge of Tax Provisions on Clubbing of Income and how it attracts tax liabilities. Let us see some […]


Don’t Judge a mutual fund by its Short Term Performance

“Don’t judge a person by their Sunday appearance” applies to Mutual funds also. Best Mutual funds are the best over most the time frame and Worst mutual funds are the worst performers in most of the time frame. What I mean by this is that the best performers return wise in 5 yrs, 3 yr […]


Current Situation of Stock market , What should you do now ?

Markets are at their 15 months high. Retail investors are back and I am sure you must have got the left out feeling by now, as stock market have gained more than 100% in last 6 months. What shall one do now, Shall we invest for long term now, Will markets go up or down. […]


Responsibility of any Financial Calculator and its Impact on your Thought Process

I got an opportunity to do a guest post on two very good blogs some days back. One was on How to interpret Warren buffet rules and apply that to trading and another one was how to save for your Future Financial goals. The response to the second article was more than expected and I […]


Questions and Answers , Part 4

Why should you read answers of other questions? The reason is that there are many questions asked to me which can relate to you also, if not today, maybe later. Hence, Here are a set of 4 questions and answers asked to me on “Ask a question section”. These questions are on the topics on […]


What is Top-up facility and how to make use of this facility in ULIPS?

I got a query from one reader on ULIP’s top-up facility. The question was “I have a ICICI pension plan, recently, when thinking about topping it up, ‘i was told that top up attracts only 1%charge, as usual, I didn’t believe the agent n called up call-centre. they also confirmed the same, any idea? whats […]


Which is the Cheapest Bank for Home Loan in Market

Some days back I wrote Review of . One of the readers NKanani tried there Home Loan section to find out best Bank for him and he didn’t get satisfactory results and commented to me “I checked out the home loan section – it gives me three options – axis bank, ing vysya and […]


Key to Excellent Financial Planning is Early Investing

Today’s article is my favorite, Today we will see that what is the biggest secret of Generating Long term Wealth. Most of the people run after choosing great Mutual fund and choosing right policy, but they do not understand the most important element of Investment Planning, which is Early Investing. In this article we will […]


Understanding Demat and Trading account relationship

Some of the beginners to online stock trading do not understand relationship between Share Trading account and Demat Account . In this short article lets see the relationship between Demat account , Trading Account and your Bank Account . We will also see how many trading or Demat account you can have in total . […]


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