File RTI against PSU banks and get all information you wanted ever !

We have already done an article on how to use RTI for any kind of EPF related issues because EPFO is an govt organisation and comes under the purview of RTI . But a lot of people do not know that even PSU Banks come under RTI and if you have any issues with them, you can always file a RTI against them and get any kind of information you want.

So that means SBI, Bank of Baroda, Union Bank of India, Punjab national Bank, Carana Bank, Vijaya Bank, Bank of Maharashtra and all other PSU banks (govt owned) will come under RTI . So the next question is what kind of situations can arise, when a person can file a RTI application. Lets see this – Prashant from Agra, had an issue with Canara Bank over the bank locker

My brother’s bank account is at canara bank, and he had taken a LOCKER there. He made his wife as joint account holder and with attorney. Now when she took locker keys to her home without informing we gave the manager an application that in case locker is secretly opened plz inform us. But after few days the lady mailed him(to manager) some application/or anything on his email.

when my brother n mother went to operate he stopped us.. and shouted at us in front of everyone as if we are thieves(account is in name of my brother). Manager is even not ready to show that email or copy of the same. Neither did he informed any of the 3 phone numbers given in application by us previously (he assured us to do the same). He yelled us out of bank(account is 12 year old in same branch) saying that he will FREEZE LOCKER. My brother the rightful owner wants to open his own account having keys to the locker yet not allowed.

Now in this issue, you can see that bank has not treated Prashant well and also not giving him the information properly. The bank people are also mishandling his locker. At this moment, Prashant can just file a RTI application and ask all those queries which he wanted to know. And within next 30-35 days , he should get the reply from the bank.

Let me share with you all 2 more real life incidents on how people used RTI against their PSU banks and got their work done !

1. How Kranti Used RTI against his Bank 

My ATM is locked due to some unknown reason. As usual customer-care directed me to contact branch. In branch a lady checks some info and said that this can not happen here, ATM will be unlocked by Mumbai main branch and advice me for new ATM card. At this time I have questioned them that in this case you will deduct charges from my saving account. Reply of lady was awesome, she simple blast on me and said that you people want everything free of cost. At that time I feel that there is no point in arguing with that lady and way back to my home.

After one week of try,suddenly I thought of applying RTI on this issue. I have met the branch manager and ask for how to apply RTI on this issue. Suddenly after listening name of RTI, bank manager came into action and directed same lady to solve this issue asap and said that if his issue is not resolved, he will file RTI. Surprisely my ATM is unlocked within minutes of action. In my case only name of RTI works wonder:)

2. How Elahi used RTI against SBi

RTI is very powerful and highly useful tool. Here is my experience with SBI. I have housing loan with SBI and they had charged extra interest of Rs. 73000 to me. So I filed RTI to get the detailed information of change in interest rates and to conform that my housing loan interest rate will be (SBAR – % concession.) After getting this information, I filed complaint with Branch and RACPC pune, giving them detailed interest calculations of interest for 4 years and asked them to refund my money. Waited for 3 weeks. SBI customer charted says that “Branch has to solve the problem withing 3 weeks elase wive written reply to customer telling why it is not solved and how much additional time is needed.”

After 3 weeks I pointed SBI to this clause ans asked for explaination through email. Then wheels started moving faster. Got my cresit within 2 hours. But it was not as per my calculation. I again explained them my claculations and after 3 credits they got their calculation right ! I got my money back completely. RTI works wonder. And every government and semi-govt. organisations have citizens charter. Use it for your purpose.

Note that Right to information (RTI) will only help a person get some information, after that he will have to follow up on that matter, but in today’s world, even if you get the correct data about something, its a big thing.

When to use RTI against PSU bank ?

  • When the bank is not giving you correct information about your home loan related items like interest rates, prepayment, documentation issues.
  • When you are not satisfied by bank behaviour, its service, the terms and conditions etc
  • When bank asks you some unjustified things like opening a FD for locker, buying some policy before locker can be opened !
  • When you feel that bank has done something against their own terms and conditions and is not entertaining you.
  • When you need any information from bank which you cant get directly !

Below is a video on RTI done by Sailesh Gandhi for Moneylife. Have a look at these video’s and understand how to effectively use Right to information in your life.

Branch Heads are also the CPIO’s !

When you file a RTI letter, it has to be addressed to Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) or Central Assistant Public Information Officer (CAPIO). Now all the major branch heads of PSU Banks are also CPIO’s and you can directly write the RTI letter to the branch head, but address them as CPIO’s . So in the place of address, mention the branch name and the name of the bank with full address. Some of the PSU banks also allow giving the RTI applications by hand to the Branch heads, but I would suggest try it on your own risk, sending the letter by registered post will be much better.

Steps for writing the RTI application against Bank

1. Download this RTI Template for Banks (Taken from Wealth Club)

2. Put the address and branch name of your Bank

3. Write down all the other details like name, address, email, phone and other details if any.

4. Put the information required at the appropriate place in the template. Make sure the question is brief and too the point.

5. Buy a postal order for Rs 10 , favoring to CPIO, Branch name, address (this you need to fill yourself).

6. Make sure you write the postal order number in the RTI letter, change it with your order number.

7. Take a print out and send the RTI letter via registered post or Speed post to the same address as Bank branch.

8. Wait for next 30-60 days for the reply and if you dont get it , escalate it further !

Note : You can also watch a detailed video course called “How to Use RTI in your financial life” (4 part video series , 19 min total running time) under our courses section of Jagoinvestor Wealth Club, incase you are a member.


So in this article, you have learned how you can also file RTI applications against a Public sector Bank in India and get all those information which you are not getting in proper manner otherwise.

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  1. Ravi


    I have filled an RTI to SBI for getting the account holder name and i have not received the reply from them yet (more than 60 days). Who would be the next level of contact (whom should I escalate).

    Shall I ask the SBI to provide the details of the person who got my bank statement (photo copies)?

  2. sanjay

    Hi Manish,
    I am an employee of a public sector bank. Can I file an RTI asking about the promtion policy of the bank? In fact I want the marksheet of the written test held for the promotion in our bank. Please advise.

    Thanks and regards,


  3. Gokul

    Hi Manish,

    I am a Software Engineer. I got educational loan from PNB on 2009.Actually I applied it on 2008 on my first year . Bank gave some reason that I cannot get loan on first year as I already paid the amount to college .Loan got Sanctioned for Rs 250000. In second year Bank manager told that the Amount of 250000 is for four years . So we are dividing that amount into 4 years and we can give the amount of 190000 for the next 3 years like 65000 per year.

    We don’t know about interest while getting the loan . After completion of my course in 2012 I didn’t get job for 1 year then after I reached Bank they told to pay the interest of 100000 in addition to principal amount and some extra charges . They put compound interest it seems with interest rate of 13.5 % .We are not sure why we didn’t get subsidy on our loan interest and also we paid 200000 already still they are outing interest on the remaining amount with the same interest rate. We got loan without knowing the interest rate but now we are suffering to pay the interest for the interest. Can we file RTI on this ?

    Please help me how to file RTI on this case and many of the students are suffering with this issue . Please provide us a solution .

    Gokul B

      • GOKUL

        Thanks Manish.

        I just want to know to which address I need to send . In the application there is a To address and also for sending the post we need to write To address .As I bought loan from PNB Ambur branch . So I need to mention this branch address in both the postal and application address or I need to give any where Branch head office address. Please help me in sending the application and also I want to know Where I can get postal order ?

      • vikash

        Hi Manish,

        Can I file RTI online as well? If yes then is it to be filed under “Department of Financial Services”? SBI is troubling me a lot for similar issues on education loan.

  4. sourabh

    i m a student.i applied for education loan in united bank of india last year.till now manager has not sanctioned me the loan.manager always says come after 15 days or bank dont have the authority or many reasons.can i file rti????
    please sir help me how to file rti???
    thank a lot in advanced.


    i have to submit online rti against bank of baroda how can i do so because in the options it is showing only for reserve bank of india . but my work is with bank of baroda . plz any one can help me plz

  6. thangavel

    Highly useful and educative pages for ordinary customers to get their grievance redressed at no cost.Kindly keep it up!

  7. Devendra Singh

    Hi Manish, one such example is like One person(age 25 yrs) came to me for sanctioning vehicle loan without having D/L .I asked him to first get D/L.But he did not get the point and re iterated the same things and became frustrated by his own even he complained this to some local leader.Finally he filed RTI about Knowing the facts that since 2008 how many loans got sanctioned one by one with so much of details like date of application , sanction disbursement etc .Now with a manpower of three employees how can anyone survive the attack of such RTI.

    • Ok I got the point .. This was kind of REVENGE RTI :) .. Sad , but you have to as per law .. I dont think any law is there where you can treat it as discarded .

      Cant you reply the same person asking why they need this data ?


  8. Devendra Singh

    Hi Manish,

    So much of complaints against Banking Sectors . :)
    I worked as a branch Manager and posted in rural area. Sometimes situation comes where some people of Criminal Nature come and try to influence you by hook or crook to favor them in terms of sanctioning loans , mostly they use their political links to threaten you in soft manner . Now Suppose if any person files RTI with malafide intention just to disturb you now and then , what steps can be taken .


    Dear Manish,
    1. My father was getting from SBI barnch Sultanganj Bihar on account of State Govt employee. He expired on 20 Apr 13.
    2. For family pension, my mother contacted to branch manager and opened an account in the same branch.
    3. But the pension papers was returned back stating reason that there is a difference in the name quoted in pension book and account holder in the month of Sep 13.
    4. After rectifying the name in bank account, copy of passbook was resubmitted to the branch.
    5. Till date, 3 times the documents have been forwarded to pension department but the same returns back to the branch quoting the following remarks:-
    (i) Thumb impression not found.
    (ii) Difference in name and of same natures.
    Clerk of the pension department in SBI is not attaining and always tells your job will be done within 2 months but its more than 18 months, pension has not been started.
    Bank staff always tells that they have submitted the documents but does not provide the details of submission and reason for return back.
    Sir, kindly guide me how to overcome this issue and what should i do so as to start my mother’s family pension at the earliest.
    Thanking you.

  10. chaitanya_R

    Hi Manish / All
    I have a home loan with bank of maharashtra and bank did insurance on their own without informing me.
    Further they added this premium amount to my principal.
    so after almost two years my principal has come down by only 20 thousand.

    Can I file RTI for this ?
    Can I sue bank for this action ?
    any other legal action I can take for this

    please share

    • You can sue them but only if you never allowed them for what they did .generally banks take your signatures on the documents and if you gave it, then how will you prove that you didnt read things and sign

  11. rajesh chauhan

    my name is rajesh chauhan n i had a flat at nalla sopara(e) address-B-WING,R.NO.407,SHIV SHYADRI SOC,NEAR SANGAM MEDICAL,ANCHOLE ROAD,NALA SOPARA(E) Dist- THANE.we had decided to sell the lady name Mrs.Pratidya surve she had approached to us n ready to buy the same flat on housing loan.she was working in massage parlour and her loan was sanctioned of Rs.1300,000/-(thirteen lacs) our agreement of sale of Rs.1860000/- i have a query that a massage lady worker how the housing loan sanctioned. plz kindly help me out for the same because i m in trouble and i have to find out that on what basis she got the loan? so how can i found it and how can i file a case on her?
    She had paid the half amount and now Rs.165,000/- is left from her and she had given me in writing on the Rs.100/- BOND PAPER that she will pay the same amount within 14 months and now her 14 months is over and it is more than 16 months and she is denying to pay the same amount.
    I had approached to the POLICE STATION at nalla sopara(w) the officer incharge denying to reistered FIR against the same and advice to FILE a FRAUD/ CHEATING CASE at VASAI COURT.I don’t understand that how I can file a case against her? And how I can recover my Rs.165,000/- from that lady.

    Rajesh Chauhan

      • rajesh chauhan

        the same lady is working in massage parlour and her salary may be around 6 to 7 thousand n my query is that on what base she got a loan from HDFC bank and she her self justified that for sanctioning the loan she had given a bribe of Rs.90000/- and i have to find out that on what documents her loan was sanctioned and how will i proof in the court n i have clean her in the court because
        she was supposed to pay her amount on due date but she had not paid on the time.And she had given me in a written that she will pay the balance amount of Rs.115000/- after 14 months .police said that you to file a case against in the court and the same is court matter
        plz help me n tel me how to find out?

        thanking u
        rajesh chauhan

        • Kiran

          Rajesh, I think you should be concerned about your money that you should get from her and not on how she got the loan and if she is eligible or not. You should file a case against her not payin your money. Coming to the bond paper I am not sure what value will that hold. The cost of the stamp on the bond paper is a % of the amount mentioned. The agreement for 14 months, was it registered at the subregistrar office ? I think all agreements with more that 12 months validity have to be done (atleast in Karnataka).

  12. rajesh chauhan

    my name is rajesh chauhan n i have a flat at nalla sopara in mumbai.we had decided to sell the lady name Mrs.Pratidya surve she had approached to us n ready to buy the same flat on housing loan.she was working in massage parlour and her loan was sanctioned of Rs.1300,000/-(thirteen lacs) our agreement of sale of Rs.1860000/- i have qery that a massage lady worker how the housing loan sanctioned.plz kindly me out for the same because i m in trouble and i have to find out that on what basis she got the loan?so how can i found it and how can i file a case on her?

  13. rajeev nayan

    Hi Manish,
    I hope you can help me with this..
    Here is the thing..I had taken an education loan in 2009 (4 lakhs).Repayment was to start after one year of course complete.i.e 2013 june.
    I went to the bank in july and asked about how to repay.They told me that i need to repay 13000 monthly for next 60 months.(i.e total of 7 ,80,000 for 4 lakhs).I was confused and since i didn’t have time i started paying 13000 every month.
    Now this year our Finance Minister revealed the budget and accordingly all the interest from 2009 to 2014 january was to be forgiven. Now when i go to the bank to ask about it,They are saying that they have not got any written letters yet and can not be done anything.
    Please give me advice what do i need to do regarding this.

    • Even though it has been announced, there might be many fine prints to it . and it takes time to reach banks . So better pursue the matter and if needed reach to banking ombudsman on this


  14. Rajesh Ohri

    Dear Manish,

    I would like to have the information about the locker and its details that my grandparents had with PNB. What is the procdure for it under RTI.

    Rajesh Ohri

  15. Shanku Dutta

    Hi Manish,

    I am Sri. Shanku Dutta , I was sent a RTI application to The Principal Public Information officer, Legal Department, United Bank of India,9th Floor, United Tower,11 Hemanta Basu Sarani,Kolkata-01, dated on 18.11.2013 along with application fee of Rs.10/- by Indian Postal Order SL/No- 16F 556997. In favor of The Principal Public Information officer for my account information relating to payment of Reinvestment certificate A/C no – 1960/15/97 and Reinvestment certificate A/C no-961/15/97.maintained at Siliguri Branch UBI Bank under the RTI Act.2005. After few days I received a letter Ref. H.O./LD/RIA/398/13 /2013 dated on 27 November 2013 and advise me to correspondence directly with the Regional Public Information officer. North Bengal Region, I was sent letter for corresponding directly with The Regional Public Information officer. North Bengal Region. but no any reply from their region yet.
    Therefore ,I am complain to G.M.(U.B.I) & The Banking Ombudsman (R.B.I) for look into the matter and take necessary action as provided under the Right to Information Act.2005.
    if no reply of my complain letter then how can i do ? please help me.

    Shanku Dutta

    • No It does not come under RTI , thats the reason in my last comment, I said you can tell them you will file a RTI to RBI asking them for rules etc. If it was a SBI bank or say BOB kind of banks, then you could have filed the RTI to them directly . That acts like a bramhastra to them !


        • Yes you can ask them, but I am sure they will not give it, because there is nothing like that :) . Its just a marketing gimmick and a way to put pressure . Tell them that if they take away your locker, you will reach to banking ombudsman on this and claim for the harrassment charges . Also I suggest anyways you can file a RTI right away to RBI and show them a copy, they will come in front of you next time , I believe .

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