Register Complaints to IRDA regarding Insurance matters

Do you face issues while dealing with your Insurance Companies ? Do they dont answer you on time or dont entertain your genuine concerns on time ? Are you having a problem with Claims or other issues with an insurance company ?

Should you Complain ?

Incase you are facing issues like unsatisfactory answers , no replies on time , delay in replies, taking matters for granted and not treating you properly, any misselling in Insurance, you can complain to IRDA about all this , its just a call away, hence better use the facility and dont feel like you are not powerful enough. You can also mail Insurance companies and cc the IRDA email id for complaints for faster and better reply, but only incase you are facing issues , dont spam them :) . Here is a nice Video Advertisement from IRDA called IRDA – Apki Suraksha ke Liye . I hope they do things in real life also the way they show in video :)

Call centre

IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) has started a new service where you can approach by phone or E-mail and complain against your Insurer. There is a call centre started by IRDA for registering grievances on policy-related matters. The call centre will provide an easy and convenient way to bring complaints to the notice of the IRDA. the Toll Free Number is 155255 and Email for complaints is [email protected] . Before the complain, you can approach the Insurance Ombudsman where the dispute involves amount lower than Rs 20 lakh. You can find the contact mail address of the Insurance Ombudsman of your region from IRDA’s Web site.

Do you think its a good resource and would be of help to consumers or will fail just like other projects ? Comments ?sha

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  1. Sudhir

    Dear Sir,

    I have taken a policy ( HDFC SL PROGROWTH SUPER II) from HDFC life with yearly premium of Rs Thirty thousand from HDFC Bank, Kharagpur. Premium was paid through my HDFC credit Cart on 26.02.2015. HDFC Life given the premium receipt (No.- 0000030543) with Client ID 34333. But HDFC Life debited the amount of Rs. Ninty Thousand instead of Rs.30000.00 from my HDFC credit Card. After registering complaint to higher management they reversed the amount Rs. sixty thousand in my credit card in May 2015. But without any information & reason HDFC Life cancelled my existing policy and opened the new policy (policy No.- 17615280) in August 2015 for FY 2015-2016.
    As i have already declared the policy with Client ID – 34333 in my Income Tax return for FY 2014-2015. So pls help in continuing my HDFC Life policy with Client ID -34333 only.

  2. Dear sir, I was paid two policy only one premium of both policy 40000/- and 60000/- in guaranteed money back plan since July 2012. Your agent to call me on behalf of IRDA to say your policy of Aviva life Insurance to become convert in
    Reliance life insurance co. ltd so that your back log of above policy of Aviva do clear then your maturity amount to send so you give me a cheque of amount 40000/- in favour of Reliance life insurance with copy of ID proof and photo after two months your Agent again call to give me cheque of amount 60000/- in above name of favour co. then send of your benefit amount cheque. again I send a cheque of above amount to reliance life insurance company. your agent to give me two policy folder forwarded to home address and i becomes sock to see policy.
    In view of above I request to Surrender the above policy and return the amount to me because i don’t able to continue this policy . I am already suffer to lot of difficulty so oblique please.
    Randhir kumar
    Policy No, 50057189 , 50110943

  3. kiran

    my father taken policy , signed and filled application for sngle premium , agent misplaced and other application filled and signtures forged, its 1 year now , how to get money , hw dont have money to pay future premium

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