Register Complaints to IRDA regarding Insurance matters

Do you face issues while dealing with your Insurance Companies ? Do they dont answer you on time or dont entertain your genuine concerns on time ? Are you having a problem with Claims or other issues with an insurance company ?

Should you Complain ?

Incase you are facing issues like unsatisfactory answers , no replies on time , delay in replies, taking matters for granted and not treating you properly, any misselling in Insurance, you can complain to IRDA about all this , its just a call away, hence better use the facility and dont feel like you are not powerful enough. You can also mail Insurance companies and cc the IRDA email id for complaints for faster and better reply, but only incase you are facing issues , dont spam them :) . Here is a nice Video Advertisement from IRDA called IRDA – Apki Suraksha ke Liye . I hope they do things in real life also the way they show in video :)

Call centre

IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) has started a new service where you can approach by phone or E-mail and complain against your Insurer. There is a call centre started by IRDA for registering grievances on policy-related matters. The call centre will provide an easy and convenient way to bring complaints to the notice of the IRDA. the Toll Free Number is 155255 and Email for complaints is [email protected] . Before the complain, you can approach the Insurance Ombudsman where the dispute involves amount lower than Rs 20 lakh. You can find the contact mail address of the Insurance Ombudsman of your region from IRDA’s Web site.

Do you think its a good resource and would be of help to consumers or will fail just like other projects ? Comments ?sha

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  1. Saurabh Gupta

    Message my lic maturity has been transferred to any third person bank account no. canara bank by Allahabad branch. plz help me and solve this problem. # 09307645293. maturity amount is rs. 50000.

    • Hi Saurabh Gupta

      The best answer you can get only from the agent you invested through or just contact the company. The thing is your case is a bit personalised and other than company, no one can give accurate information


  2. jyoti

    That we have taken a policy JEEVAN AKASHAY VI from the LIC OF INDIA on dated 28/03/2014 in favour of JYOTI DEVI and lic committed to paid the pension amount 36900 on every year to be whole life but through the first anniversary year on March 2015 LIC did not give the pension amount till 12th June 2015 . that the policy no is-127039918 and branch is-123 Model Town Delhi, division – II, through the development officer Tinu Chopra(deo code-1048011) and agent is Pawan Kumar Mishra (agency code-10519123). hence please revert the my pension amount with interest from the LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA as earlier as possible because i am a poor widow lady and i am not have any income from any source.

    • Hi jyoti

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  3. Preeti

    IRDA do nothing. My father filed a complaint for SBI Life Fraud in the document, IRDA approved that the fraud happened and asked SBI to solve it in 15 days…

    It was filed on 13th May 2012 and it’s still without any solution. Yes we got response but, my father got threatening calls from SBI Life and once I raised a complaint against that to IRDA, it stopped. But yes the case yet stands there as it was.

    It’s 15th May 2015 and we are still waiting.

  4. Gauri

    I have availed a housing loan from SBI and then an insurance cover for the housing loan amount from SBI Life. My housing loan was sanctioned on the 18th of November and I handed in the application for insurance to SBI alongwith the premium cheque amount on the very same day. However SBI Life started processing my insurance application only on the 6th of February. From November till February whenever I called them they kept telling me that my documents are under processing. Then suddenly on 6th February they told that the premium amount has increased because I was older by a year (my birthday falls on the 5th of February). To my surprise they then informed me that they received my application only on the 6th February. Either SBI bank is lying or SBI Life is lying.
    I wrote to IRDA explaining my problem on the 27th of March. I haven’t heard from them until today. Can you suggest whom else could I approach other than going to the Consumer court?

    • Its good that you have asked explanation from them. Now after 30 days of that, you can reach to consumer court. but before that I suggest you use RTI and clarify your doubts


  5. tej

    so called fund manager/ agent on call with false information and comment has done a great cheating and gave insurances of reliance and bharti axa.companies r not giving positive solution.reapplied to the companies.

  6. ziaul haque khan

    Hi Manish,

    I have HDFC SL ProGrowth Super II policy since nov 2014, bank personal cheated with me in the name of investment on market they make 10 years policy with 2 lakhs premium per year without my knowledge after knowing the details i send the mail to cancel this policy but no reply as i stay in abroad,please help me to resolve this .

  7. Priya

    Hi. Due to an oversight my mom issued a cheque for premium from the wrong account which had insufficient funds. After 10 days we get a call from oriental insurance saying the cheque has bounced and due to that the policy has lapsed. My parents are around 70 yrs and doing a re medical is not gonna help since they already have some health issues. Our agent says the policy which they have of 10 lakhs is gone and nothing can be done. Only option is a remedical. They have this policy for 30 yrs or more. Can anything be done? If anyone has any info pls share

    • Hi Priya

      I think its tough to get anything done . The point was the premium was not paid on time – PERIOD . What was the reason, it was a mistake from your end, and not company . So try to talk to them about this once !

  8. abdulla bakas mohd ibrahim shaikh

    Regards non payment of full fund value of my policy no 0136730194 my policy is lapsed due to my personal condition but bajaj allianz life insurance company as their stated in their revival letter lapsed policy terminate or foreclosure not done since after 4 years they telling me maturity done when i reach their branch but they are not settleing my amt one time pl settle my policy in one time…….. complainst against bajaj allianz life insurance company……

  9. Sunil kumar

    Respected sir
    I am Sunil kumar have life & general licenses from last 3/4 year but this time is both are exipired but irda doesn’t renew from last 2/3 month . general licences says that first renew your life license & life insurance say first I have to renew general licence , this excuses makes me fool . at last may I requested you to tells me what’s the procedures to renew my licenses .I shall be very thankful to you.
    Thanking you
    Sunil kumar

  10. Sir,

    1. I applied for cancellation of Bharti AXA Life Insurance Policy with free look period in which reason mentioned is genuine. Actually I want money for replacement of knee of my brother. Howevever, Now Bharti AXA Life Insurance decliared to back my premium of money being insufficient reasons. Please advise me how my money could be back now. Please guide me.

    Bansi Choudhary

  11. Sanjay Sinha

    Dear Manish,

    Somebody Sold Policy from Bharti Axa Life Insurance Noida Branch.

    And I never received the policy Bond like One year.. I was keep calling to agent and branch they said its on the way. Now the Both person change there Branch Manager and the Agent. then I approach to IGMS.IRDA Call Center its they hold for 2 month now they don’t reply through IGMS too and IRDA call center says we cant help go to higher legal service .. now tell me what do I do even they haven’t taken my photo and sign they issued my policy.

    I don’t think they Liston to IRDA .. no use of IRDA they don’t value IRDA

    I am fed up between them please help or suggest me what to do.

    I don’t want to keep my policy and you know they even not taken my sign and Photo for Policy they only collect money.

  12. ssharad

    Some ppl have duped my father and obtained cheques from him in the name of Reliance life , When Asked much about it on doubt , They made him talk to some anubhav tangri claiming he is Sr Vice president , Consumer Redresal In IRDA .. He also sent A mail To my Father From And Email ID ‘ [email protected] ‘ …I feel that this is all a fraud OR Something .
    Can you please tell Me if there is a person OR This Email ID exists in real in IRDA ??? Please help

  13. Raj V

    Hi Manish,

    I emailed on customer care yesterday night with all the details and they replied that they will let us know about the issue. As of now, no reply has come. I’ll tell you what happens so that others will know what to do in similar cases.

  14. Raj V

    Hi Manish,

    You’re doing a very nice thing here. I am usually aware of all the scams going around. But you know what, I almost fell for one scam call yesterday.

    One person called me from +9114.. number and told me that he was calling from the government. Now, until now I thought +9114 calls were legitimate (I don’t know how I presumed this), so I told him that in fact I was not happy with my Bajaj Allianz ulip plan. He then told me that government can help.

    He asked for my policy number, date of birth, and nominee and I gave it to him. Then he said that I can cancel my policy if I converted my ACC code to sales code. I would receive 150000 Rs. in 45 days. For that I would have to pay 25% to Birla Sunlife which would be refunded. I thought Birla company is not a scammer so I agreed.

    Then his boss called me and said that I would have to send the cheque to them by courier, which finally rang the warning bells for me. I declined. One person called me again today and I refused to listen to him and told him to stop calling me.

    Now, I have not lost any money. I have not sent them my PAN card details, bank details or ID proof and cheque. But the thing that worries me is that now they know my policy number, full name and my date of birth.

    I just want to ask you that would that affect my security of Bajaj Allianz policy? I have control of my online Bajaj policy. But they can call Bajaj customer care and get the details of my policy through my policy number, name and date of birth.

    Should I be worried about the security of my policy in anyway?

    Please reply.

    • Yes, the problem now here is that you have given enough details to them which can be used for verification online. You know that when you call customer care, they ask for DOB , name , policy number etc .. so you have passed on that details to someone else. So that they make a fake call. Now I am not saying that they will take your money, but its certainly at some risk . Better inform about this to Bajaj customer care and check what can be done ..

      And for God’s sake next time, so not pass on any details like this , and which department of govt calls like this ?

      • Raj V

        I know I acted like a fool. I called customer care and they told me that apart from learning my policy status, they (scammers) can’t do anything else as bond papers are required for withdrawal.

        Should I mail them on their customer care too?

      • Raj V

        I just called my local branch right now. They told me that apart from knowing NAV nothing else would be disclosed with such information. Still, I am going to live in fear for a while now.

  15. Naresh

    Dear Sir,

    One of my relative taken policy from religare insurance broking ltd before 5-6 years ago with kotak-3 lacks, birla-8 & 5 Lacks as one time premium, now they are saying that the policy was regular premium plans and that is lapsed. sir now my relative want his money back.what should he do now.pls help.


    • I am not sure if there is any solution to this . A agent has marked the policy as “regular” and not “single premium” plan ! .. so looks like there is no solution to this !

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