Allow Wealth coming into your life by breaking your Belief System

Most of the TV channels help in selling products like – Lal Kitab, Suraksha Kavach, Shri Yantra . They do this day and night and according to these advertisements, these products helps people in becoming prosperous. Most of the news channels have at least one show on Palmistry too, which solves people financial problems. Some believe in it and some choose to call it superstition. Superstition or Beliefs Here is an old story to learn something from about superstition or beliefs […]


How this Lady paid Rs 25,000 in pay-order charges for claiming her PPF maturity amount

Is your PPF account going to mature very soon ? You are excited to finally redeem your years of saved money in PPF account. But do you know that some banks are playing with some investors ignorance and charging them hefty amount in the name of DD charges or Pay-order charges to give bank the Public Provident Fund account matured amount. Let me unearth this no so known or talked about thing today. Read this incident below to understand what […]


Meet this 15 yr old youngest participant from our Mumbai Investor Workshop + Some Pictures

We completed our Mumbai workshop just 2 days back on Sunday and it was a great experience overall to connect with our readers . However there were 2 most amazing experience which I want everybody else to know about. Youngest participant was just 15 yrs old Yes, you read it right .. One of the participants had booked a couple ticket and he choose to bring his young son who was just in school to make sure that he put […]


50% saving in your Income Tax compared to last year due to Budget 2014 (Download Calculator)

Budget 2014 was a big event this year as the expectations from BJP govt was very high. Here are some of the income tax rules which were changed int his budget and impact a common man directly. 1. Income Tax Exemption Increased from 2 lacs to 2.5 lacs The basic exemption limit was raised by Rs 50,000 in this budget and now the new limit is Rs 2.5 lacs . So there is no tax to be paid upto income […]


Are you Scared of Having a kid due to money reasons ? Here are 5 things you should know

Day by day I am realizing that the impact of money is huge on our decision making capacity. The conversation of money is very deep rooted and not just limited to financial goals or wealth creation. Today’s article is based on interaction I had with one my relative, who works in IT sector. We do not meet very often but as and when we meet, we make a point to update each other about, what’s new is happening in our […]


Are you suffering from “I dont have time to read Policy Document” Syndrome ?

As an investor, I am sure you have done something with your money. You have put your money in some or the other financial product – assuming it is going to help you in creating wealth or it is going to help you in some way or the other. The way some movies have flashback, you will have to go back in the past to get full value from today’ article.  We just want to make you responsible in the […]


What happens when Bank locker keys are lost ?

Have you ever pondered the consequences of losing the keys to your bank locker? In this article, I will share the steps to take when you lose your locker keys and the rules and charges involved in setting things right again! At the time of opening Bank Locker When you open a Bank locker, you are billed in advance for breaking charges and for 3 years of rent (the former is to cover emergencies when the locker might have to […]


Design your financial life 2.0 Registration Opens  – Mumbai , Bangalore, Pune

Day before yesterday we released video of our Design your financial life 2.0 and we had influx of mails from all over asking for more details about the program. We are so touched by the excitement level that some of you hold in your heart. Below is the video which explains what this program is all about Go to Program Page Why we conduct Design your financial life Program? We did our first Design your financial life 1.0 workshop in […]