6 Empowering Dimensions that can help you to grow your income- (Part 2/5)

You are reading second article of “Increasing your income” series. The overall response to increasing income series is very encouraging. We got some interesting sharing in comments section and we also received personal emails from many of our readers. A lot of people are serious about increasing their income and we are happy our article series is helping them in moving forward. You can read the 1st part of the series – 8 reasons why your income level remains STAGNANT […]


6 tricks to increase your Home loan eligibility and learn how its calculated by banks ?

Today you are going to learn how much home loan amount you are eligible for. I will show you how banks calculate your home loan eligibility and what are some of those factors which can impact your loan eligibility. At the end, I am also going to share some tips you can take to increase your home loan eligibility. What is Home Loan Eligibility ? Home Loan Eligibility simply means how much loan amount you can get for buying a […]


8 Core Reasons – Why your income level remains STAGNANT (part 1/5)

At jagoinvestor we have always been trying new stuff  and this time we are coming up with 5 article series on the topic of INCOME every Thursday. These articles will be inter connected and they will help you to work on any one specific area related to money, this time we are going to focus on increasing your income (I know that you are interested in this topic). Now, there is no formula available in the world or with us by […]


“How can I ask my Parents to write a WILL ?” – Are you dealing with this uncomfortable issue ?

Enough has been written about the importance of WILL and why Estate Planning is important and how not writing a WILL can cause trouble to their family if some unfortunate event occurs. However I do not see enough conversation around how kids of today can communicate this hard fact to their own parents and inform them about the consequences of them not writing a WILL . I know this sounds a bit crazy and if you “dare” to even think […]


How I failed into stock trading and 4 amazing things you can learn from my experience

Today you are going to learn some valuable lessons of stock market trading from experiences of a person who traded in stock markets for 1.5 yrs and failed miserably during those 1.5 yrs. This person is no one else, but myself Background Let me share my story they Sometime in June 2007, I got recruited in Yahoo from campus placements. I was 23 yrs old, fresh into job and had no idea how my life is going to take shape […]


The shortest guide for a 22 yr old to start investing his money ?

I was on Quora some days back when I came across an answer by Yuvraj Wadhwani on a thread called “How should a 22-year-old in India invest his/her money?” . It was such a beautiful answer and loaded with awesome advice to someone young to start their financial journey in life. I instantly contacted Yuvraj, if he would like to guest post his answer on Jagoinvestor and He replied back saying he would be glad to do so. So I […]


Why you should collect NOC (No Objection Certificate) once your loan is complete ?

Once you pay off your loan, a big responsibility is off your mind and you feel relaxed. Its a moment where you do not want any further run around and want to now move on to other things in life. And this is exactly why most of the loan customer do not collect a document called “NOC” or “No Objection Certificate” from their lender and it can get them into trouble later in life. At some places you will hear […]


Does your Income tax website account have your CA phone number ? You can now claim it back

Let me start by sharing with you what was the situation of millions of tax payers in India till now. If they wanted to do e-filing and went to income tax website and tried to login to their account, they failed at it, because they did not have the password, because it was created by their CA’s or someone else who assisted them once in filing their tax. And the person could not even use the “forget password” option, because […]