5 Inspiring Success stories of people who actually increased their Income? [Bonus FREE EBOOK Download]

With this bonus article, our increasing income series comes to an end. Over the last few weeks, we have been writing articles which focused on increasing income and also shared lots of ideas around it. We decided to end this series by sharing some interesting real life stories. We also take this opportunity to thank each one of you, for your participation during increasing income series. We received some amazing comments and numerous emails in which, people shared their unique […]


13 awesome ideas to make extra income other than your regular job [part 5/5]

Do you want to make extra income on a consistent basis apart from your regular job ? In this 5th article under “increasing income” series, we are going to look at some of the ways you can make some extra money other than your salary. I will be discussing 13 ideas, out which which most of the things can be instantly tried out by most of you. Note that, here were are not talking about creating passive income which requires […]


What happens if policyholder dies within grace period ? The answer may surprise you !

Do you know what happens when the policyholder dies within the grace period provided after the due date of paying the premium. The answer might surprise you because there is a big myth around this topic. Every life insurance company provide a grace period of 30 days for paying the premium after the due date is over. Companies send reminders on sms and emails to make sure the customer pays their premiums on or before the due date, but if […]


10 ideas to create Passive Income or alternative Source of Income – (Part 4/5)

In the last article of “Increasing income” series you read Anupam’s real life sharing about how he created his second income (we thank him for sharing his experience with our readers). Today let’s go a little deeper and learn ways by which YOU can also create passive income stream, which means ways of income where you do not work actively and still the income is generated. We can see that a lot of you are interested in creating passive income […]


Everything you wanted to know about Income Tax Notice and scrutiny cases ?

If you are a taxpayer then you must have heard the recent news about Income tax department’s drive by keeping a close eye on all your transactions. Even the salaried employees are on the radar. Department has already identified 12 lakh taxpayers who have not filed their returns, more than 20 Crores high value transactions are being scrutinized and Notices/letters to more than 1.5 lakh people have already been issued. 8 reasons why you can expect income tax scrutiny notice? […]


Interview with Anupam on creating 2nd income source along with his regular job – part 3/5

Do you want to know how someone created his 2nd income other than the regular 9-5 job ? In this 3rd article for “increasing income” series (part 1 and 2 here), we present an interview with Anupam Mehra from Bangalore, who is one of our blog readers and has agreed to share his story of creating second income in his life. I was very impressed with him because he has done something which most of the people only imagine and […]


How Top up loans are good alternatives of Personal Loan ?

Imagine you already have a home loan and now after few years of payment, you again need some extra loan for some purpose? What would you do ? One would ideally think of applying for a fresh loan from scratch and might get it too .. But there is a faster option to get a loan if you already have a running home loan and its called top-up loan. How does top up loan works ? When you take a […]


6 Empowering Dimensions that can help you to grow your income- (Part 2/5)

You are reading second article of “Increasing your income” series. The overall response to increasing income series is very encouraging. We got some interesting sharing in comments section and we also received personal emails from many of our readers. A lot of people are serious about increasing their income and we are happy our article series is helping them in moving forward. You can read the 1st part of the series – 8 reasons why your income level remains STAGNANT […]