New Fraud by Agents – Changing Policy tenures from “Single Premium” to “Yearly”

Today, I wish to highlight a fraud, which has been going on for many years, but one that has not received enough attention. While the fraud itself is small and easy to conduct, its impact on investor wealth is significant. What is exactly is the Fraud ? Many investors, who wish to deposit money in some financial product as a ONE-TIME payment, opt for a ‘Single Premium’ policy. Here they are required to just pay the premium fee once, and […]


New LIC Term Insurance relaunched with low premiums

This is a bit old news now – but a lot of you might not know that LIC has relaunched their Term plans (offline) few weeks back. LIC has two term plan policies now called Anmol Jeevan II (below 25 lacs sum assured) and Amulya Jeevan II (Above 25 lacs sum assured) , and now both of these are relaunched (earlier one was Jeevan Anmol I and Amulya Jeevan I) to make sure that they comply with new IRDA regulations which […]


Why you should go beyond MONEY , and connect with TRUE WEALTH – Here are 10 ways

If I have to write one last article before I die it would be the one that you are reading. Don’t worry I am here to stay and we as a team will continue to write more and more articles! This article is special to us and I am glad I got this opportunity to share my thoughts on true wealth with you. Before you read any further I have few requests, don’t react to the content, read the content […]


How you are cheated at Petrol Pump and lose money on every visit ?

Today I am going to explain a trick employed by Petrol Pump guys which might be costing you a lot of money on a per year basis. You might be loosing a couple of thousands each year because of this scam which probably goes on at each petrol pump. How Fraud at Petrol Pump Works! When you ask them to fill petrol for Rs 1,000 , the attendant fills up the oil only for Rs 200 . When you ask […]


6th Batch of Online Investor Bootcamp starts from 7th April – Limited Members

A few months back we started something called “Investor’s bootcamp”- which is an online tribe of action oriented investors. Till now more than 250+ people have participated in our investor bootcamp and the results have been amazing so far (People have produced unprecedented results in their financial life). We want every investor on our blog to pass through bootcamp experience at least once in their life time. Go to Bootcamp Page Let’s look at why we created Investor Boot camp? […]


How I arranged my financial life in 4 steps – The Inside Story of my real life

Today I am sharing my real life story of how I arranged my financial life. Our financial lives over time gets messed up because we are lost in our jobs and family and everyday some new information or financial document enter our life and gets piled up. We keep stuffing documents here and there in our almira thinking – “I will keep it properly next Sunday” . Which never comes !  In my personal case, I consciously try to keep […]


What exactly is Financial Planning – 8 things we learnt after working with 300+ clients

- This article is written by Nandish Desai “Financial planning” is the NEW buzz word these days all over the internet, TV channels and newspapers. These days even bank employees are selling a lot of financial products on the name of “Financial Planning” . Investors are literally bombarded with the word – Financial Planning from various sources like blogs, articles, advisors and every mutual fund and insurance agent, and the flow of information has created some kind of mental image in […]


4 benefits of a group health insurance cover from employer !

It is common nowadays for salaried employees working in big companies to have a group health insurance cover from their employer. Some firms provide health cover to the employee, his spouse, and his children while the more generous ones also extend this cover to the employee’s parents. In this article, I want to help you understand in some detail, what exactly constitutes group health cover. I will also cover the benefits of group health insurance policies that are not available […]