Should you really take Legal Opinion while buying a home loan funded property?

Are you looking to buy a home which is already funded by a home loan and someone else is paying the EMI? Does it make sense to rely only on the bank for verification process or should you take the second legal opinion? Most customers have this query when they are buying a property and […]


I dont own a flat like Techie guys – So What ?

This is a guest post which is already published on Ravi Karandeekar’s blog, which is an excellent blog when it comes to real estate (more related to Pune). Ravi’s discusses various projects and his experience meeting with Builders and various stories of real estate frauds etc. Few days back, I read a real life story […]


Applying for home loan? Here are 4 highly critical checklist you should follow

Are you going to apply for home loan in near future? If Yes, then this article is written exactly for you, because I am going to share with you a checklist which you should follow to make sure that your loan application process is smooth and also to increase the chances of your loan application […]


55% of Software professionals in India, dont own a house [Survey Results]

Today I am going to share with you some data related to software engineers and their home ownership pattern. But before you move ahead, I want to share with you that approx 55% of the software engineers who took our survey did not own a house. Survey with 10,917 participants Recently I ran a very […]


Buying Land or Plot in India? – Here is a 10 point checklist which you should know before purchasing any property in India

Are you looking for buying a plot or a piece of land? If not today, may be you have this dream of owning a plot sometime in the future. Buying land or plot has in a way to become a premium thing these days especially in big cities because land is scarce commodity and the […]


8 essential checklist for buying property by a real life architect

Today, a real life architect is going to share with you some of the most essential things investors should check before buying property in India. Do you want to know what are the topmost things to look into property before you take that big decision of booking the property? Do you want to know what […]


Interview with Real estate expert – Mr. Purav Goswami (Gujarat Special)

Recently we met someone with deep understanding of real estate business and strategies to make money from real estate and we thought why not ask him few questions and share with our readers. We are fortunate that he agreed to share this thoughts and share talk one to one with few selected people who are passionate for […]


4 important things to complete when you Close your Home Loan

It’s a dream of most of the homeowners to own a house without any loan on their head. It’s a great moment in their life, when they pay the final EMI of their home loan or pre-pay the full outstanding balance and clear the home loan fully. It’s a moment of pride and happiness. It’s […]


What is “Undivided Share in Land” and why it should be in mentioned your agreement ?

You bought your “Dream Home” and you are on top of the world. The joy and pride you have after buying your home is amazing. The property is at great location and the prices are appreciating, and you feel you are the Hero ! . Now you want to sell your flat for some reason […]


The Scam called “Sample Flat” – Learn how builders trap property buyers

One of the biggest traps for real estate buyers are “Sample Flats”. When you visit properties sites to inquire about any under construction properties or ready for possession flats, the builder or the sales person there shows you a “Sample Flat”. The moment you look at a sample flat, something happens to you. The sample […]


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