What happens to PPF account once you become NRI?

Once you become an NRI, what happens to your PPF account? Can you continue it or do you need to close it? The one line answer is – NO, You do not have to close it, and you can continue it till its maturity. But there are more details to this. Last year on 2nd […]


How to withdraw your PPF account money anywhere in India? Here is the Process

Today I am going to share very interesting and rare information related to PPF with you all. Have you ever wondered how can one withdraw their PPF money without visiting the base branch (from where PPF was opened)? A lot of people open PPF account in one city and then move to another city. It’s […]


Closing your PPF after 5 yrs is possible now [NEW RULES]

Recently the PPF closure rules got changed and now a PPF account can be closed prematurely after 5 yrs itself, but only in some conditions which we will see in this article. Till now, as per the old rules, the PPF account had a lock in period of 15 yrs, and in no case it […]


PPF interest rate reduced from 8.7% to 8.1% effective April

The government has cut the interest rate on Public Provident Fund from 8.7%to 8.1% effective April. This was part of the interest rate cuts in the small saving schemes and apart from PPF, other very famous instruments like Kisan Vikas Patra, Senior Citizen Scheme & NSC interest rates have also come down by a good […]


When exactly does PPF account mature ? Answer is not 15 yrs !

When does a PPF account mature ? If you thought that its 15 yrs from the date you started your PPF account, then you are wrong ? Yes – there is a myth around this topic and most of the people do not know how does it actually work. Its extremely simple to find out […]


Yes – You can now invest extra Rs 50,000 in your PPF account and it will be accepted

Congratulations , Now you can now go and deposit the extra Rs 50,000 in your PPF account as the limit for your PPF investments was raised from Rs 1 lac per year to Rs 1.5 lacs in this budget. A lot of investors had invested Rs 1 lac in their PPF account this year start […]


How this Lady paid Rs 25,000 in pay-order charges for claiming her PPF maturity amount

Is your PPF account going to mature very soon ? You are excited to finally redeem your years of saved money in PPF account. But do you know that some banks are playing with some investors ignorance and charging them hefty amount in the name of DD charges or Pay-order charges to give bank the […]


5 must know rules before Opening PPF Account for minor children

PPF account is one of the most favorite investment product in India and every person wants to open a PPF account for his minor child. However, there are lots of myths about the rules on opening PPF account for minor kids. In this article, we will look at some of the important points you should […]


Open PPF account in ICICI Bank – Few Points you cant miss !

Do you want to open PPF account in ICICI Bank ? Yes Its possible now. Few months back, ICICI started the facility of PPF account. The way it was advertised was “Online PPF” , but it mainly meant that you can deposit and maintain your account online. While you can also apply for the PPF account […]


Transfer PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank

How do you transfer PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank? This has been a big question mark for all the PPF account holders who opened their PPF account in Post Office and now want to transfer PPF account to SBI Bank or other banks so that they can take benefits of online money […]


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