Results of Personal Finance Quiz – with answers

I took a personal finance quiz last week, in which close to 1,000 people participated. It was amazing to see the participation and the way you guys took the survey. I am now publishing all the questions with correct answers and the explanation for the answers , along with some observations (results and how different […]


Personal Finance Quiz to test your Knowledge – 10 questions

How much do you understand personal finance ? You must be reading this blog from last many months or years, now lets see how much you know. We have designed this short 10 question personal finance quiz to see your knowledge. Just answer these 10 questions and pick and answer from the drop down. I […]


Charity Week – Break your Attachment with Money

We are all living in a world where we are conditioned and functioned to GET than to GIVE. Since childhood, I have been trained to focus more on getting than on giving. Getting good grades, getting admission in a good college, getting good placements, getting awards and getting good salary packages. We had some realization […]


Bangalore Workshop Testimonials and Pictures

With 45 people in a room at Shilton Royale hotel in Bangalore, the session started. Nandish started the conversation and then it just took off like it was a day made for a great interaction and huge learning for everyone. The session was highly useful for most of the participants and the biggest thing which […]


Jagoinvestor Workshop in Bangalore -13th May [Video]

We conducted a paid workshop recently in Pune called “Design your financial life” . The idea was to take participants beyond financial products and involve them in the thinking process. It was a fun filled day with lot of participation and some really good money conversations which made people really think about their financial lives […]


How Jagoinvestor Forum answered 10,000 times !

Most of the readers of this blog do not know whats going on at the other end of this blog which is our questions and answers forum. It’s a place where you can post any personal finance query, whatever doubts you have in mind and the community will help you with answers. You can extend […]


Paid Jagoinvestor Workshop in Pune (25th Mar)

We have planned a 1 day paid workshop across different cities in India, starting with Pune. The first workshop will be on 25th Mar (Sunday) in Pune and it will be a full day event. It was not easy to decide what should be covered in the workshop, but we really want to make sure […]


Win Guaranteed Free Jagoinvestor Book by activating your Moneysights Account

Do you want to a FREE book –  Jagoinvestor book (The name of the book is changed now and its now called “16 Personal Finance Principles Every Investor Should Know”) without spending even a penny from your pocket ? Believe me thats possible now. Yes, is making it happen. Moneysights is giving away the JagoInvestor Book […]


Jagoinvestor Book available for Pre-Order on Flipkart

Hi Readers . My upcoming Book Jagoinvestor with CNBC Network 18 is now available for PRE-ORDER on flipkart and crossword website. The date of launch as mentioned on Crossword site is 28th Jan. The cost of the book stands at Rs 374 at flipkart and Rs 364 on crossword website. If you pre-order it before […]


Jagoinvestor Book with CNBC – Network 18

I am happy to break the news today about my first upcoming book on personal finance called “Jago Investor” (The name of the book is changed now and its now called “16 Personal Finance Principles Every Investor Should Know“) with CNBC Network 18. It has been a long time I was waiting for this to be out […]


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