Now get a short term loan in your Paytm account by ICICI Bank

Paytm, India’s largest mobile payment network has partnered with ICICI bank to provide short term small loans to its users. This is India’s first scheduled commercial bank tie-up with a mobile payment platform, and it is named as Paytm-ICICI bank postpaid. The main motive behind this partnership is to provide 24/7 digital money support to […]


5 min guide to link Aadhaar number with mutual funds online

Recently, the government has asked mutual fund companies (and many other financial institutions) to link Aadhaar card number of their customers with their financial investments. Which means that if you are a mutual fund investor, you are supposed to link your aadhaar numbers to your mutual fund folios. How to link Aadhaar number with mutual […]


How to check a fake GST number online in just 30 seconds

Now a days various restaurants and businesses are putting fake GST number on the bills and charging extra from the customers without registering with the GST department. In this article we will teach you how you can check the validity of the GST number and its really valid of not in just 30 seconds. Its […]


Buying Term Insurance Plan? Here are 20 Critical things to keep in mind

If you are planning to buy a term insurance plan in coming weeks, then you are at the right place, because today I will share dozens of points which any term plan buyer should know before they buy the cover. So, if you have no idea of how does term insurance work, and if you […]


How much HRA can you claim? (with calculator and video explanation)

Do you get HRA as part your salary? If yes, then it’s critical for you to understand how the HRA exemption amount is calculated? In this article, we will talk about things like what is HRA? How to calculate HRA? And various other things related to house rent allowance. You can check out the video […]


Do you want to Retire Early in India? A detailed guide with Excel calculator

Today you will read one of the fascinating stories of one of our readers (Naren from who has shared his personal journey on early retirement and also gave a step by step path on how to change your mindset about it. This is a long article, but quite deep on the topic of early retirement. I […]


Have you linked your Aadhaar with PAN? If not PAN may be blocked soon…

Government has decided to make it compulsory for every individual to link their Aadhaar Card with PAN card by 31st July, 2017. This is part of the digital India campaign and an attempt to digitalize everything. Why it is mandatory to link Aadhaar with PAN? There is a great chance that there are a lot […]


10 minutes video guide to check your FREE Credit Report & Score

Do you know that every person is entitled for 1 free credit report and score each year from each of the credit bureau in India? There are 4 credit bureau in India which is CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and HighMark. As per RBI guidelines, now each of them have to provide one free report each year. […]


17 secret tips to book cheap flight tickets in India – Save 20% or more

Today I am going to share 17 amazing tips you can use to book cheap flight tickets in India. Many of the tips I will be sharing would be already known to many people, but some tips might be new or unexplored by many. While you might not get very big discounts using these tips, […]


Duplicate UAN? Here is step by step process to solve it!

Today we will talk about the issue of duplicate UAN, which has confused a lot of employees. A lot of people have contacted us that 2 UAN were generated for them by their past employer and current employer and now they have no idea what is to be done in this case. You can see […]


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