How different Products can yield different post tax Returns?

This post will teach you how to take advantage of different products tax rules keeping in mind your income tax bracket. Different products can yield different post-tax returns for people in different tax bracket. FD’s return can be 7.2% post tax for you, but may be its 5.6% for me 🙁 Lets take an example […]


Everything you want to know about Super Annuation

The only schemes that comes in your mind when it comes to retirement benefits are EPF, NPS & PPF. But there is one more scheme i.e. Super Annuation about which lot of people don’t even know. And those who know about it they don’t know how much corpus they have as their super annuation. In […]


NPS , New Pension Scheme , A detailed Explanation

Today we will be talking about the “New Pension Scheme” Launched by Govt. of India. What is NPS? Its a pension system recently launched by Govt of India from 1st April, 2009.. You can regularly invest your money in this and get a lump sum at your retirement and a fixed monthly income for the […]


3 M’s of Successful Trading

In the last Article , we had seen an Introduction to trading . In this section we will see what are the 3 M’s of Successful Trading as per Dr Alexander Elder . I will give brief introduction of each of it , Its your responsibility to take it further and learn it in detail […]


Is it Worth buying “Return of Premium Term Insurance” instead of Simple Term Insurance?

Term Insurance is the best form of Insurance, but why not take the “Return of Premium Term Insurance” Policy, which is same as Term Insurance, but with the return of all your premiums back, in case you do not die :), Which is better is a common question now? Let us do simple maths and […]


Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis , What and When !!

I am starting a series of articles that will deal with “How to invest in stocks efficiently”. This post is Part 1. There are two important questions which you have to answer when you want to buy shares? They are “What to buy” and “When to buy”? Fundamental analysis You may be familiar with Fundamental […]


Margin Of Safety Principle

Came across a good article. Just reproducing the work here. This post talks about the Value and Price difference of some investment . Margin Of Safety Principle In his book, The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham describes the concept of margin of safety as being an essential part of any true investment. He goes on to […]


What is long term in Share market? – Understand short term, mid-term and long term investment

Long term investments are the investments that are suppose to be held for an extended time period which will be considered to be more than 1 year. There is no exact definition for long term investments. Let’s see how it is different from short term and medium term investments. How long is long term ? […]


What Are RBI Relief Bonds?

In this article we will talk about RBI relief Bonds. Some bonds have a special provision that allows the investor to save on tax. These are termed as Tax-Saving Bonds, and are widely used by individual investors as a tax-saving tool. Examples of such bonds are: Infrastructure Bonds under Section 88 of the Income Tax […]


Magic of SIP in Mutual Funds , Part 2

Some days back I had talked about SIP and its characteristics using some examples , you can read it here . Today we will take that forward and see other important things related to Systematic Investment Plan. So , We have that same last example where 1,00,000 was invested over 2 years using Systematic Investment […]


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