What does “more money” give you in life? (shocking replies inside)

What does “more money” give you in life? I asked this question on twitter a few days back and gave 3 options to choose from. Here are the results What does “more money” gives you in life? — JagoInvestor (@jagoinvestor_) November 11, 2019 A total of 120 people voted on the question and I got […]


Retirement Time Bomb (60 min video discussion)

Here is a 1-hour deep discussion on the topic of Retirement Planning and how India is set to have a massive problem in the coming times (and it’s still going on). In this video, I talk with Mr. PV Subramanyam (also called as Subra) who is a retirement expert and has also authored a best […]


How Career affects our Financial Planning

“When you grow up, What do you want to become ?” , and the general answer is Doctor, Engineer or Pilot . That’s the story of 99% people . I just wonder if some kid today says “I want to become a Financial Planner” , how will his/her Parent React ? They will either think […]


What do Friendship and Marriage teach us about Investing?

Friendship and Marriage, are two important things in our life .. The principles of good Friendship and good Marriage also apply in Investing also. Whether its Mutual funds OR Direct Equity. key is having Small group of good friends (Mutual funds) and giving enough time and trust to your Partner to have a long lasting […]


3 stories that might change your perception about your own financial situation

Today I am telling you 3 short real-life stories. This is a random post, which I thought would be a good read for all the readers not because it gives you some knowledge or it teaches you some financial stuff. But It might change your perception of your own situation and how lucky you are […]


Key to Excellent Financial Planning is Early Investing

Today’s article is my favorite, Today we will see that what is the biggest secret of Generating Long term Wealth. Most of the people run after choosing great Mutual fund and choosing right policy, but they do not understand the most important element of Investment Planning, which is Early Investing. In this article we will […]


Can you save 10% of your salary every month?

Answer this question Honestly. Don’t rush, think about it and then answer this very important question. If you get salary cut of 10% and you have to live with 90% of your salary; how will it affect you? In this article we will see some important insights on spending habit and psychological issues. Most of […]


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