2 reasons why you should stop investing in Fixed Deposits immediately?

Today we will discuss why you need to stop investing in bank fixed deposits. I know you are a bit shocked by this statement, but my only attempt is to give you some understanding of why banks fixed deposits are not the best financial products in these times for your long term wealth creation. There […]


99% mutual fund investors do not understand these 3 critical points for long term success

Are you investing in equity mutual funds or planning to invest? GREAT! While you might have done your research and reading about investing in a mutual fund, but I am sure you still do not have 100% clear idea about what does it mean to invest in a mutual fund. In this article, my attempt […]


Buying your first car? Here is the data of 451 buyers for you to decide!

No, I am not sharing my personal opinion here in this article. I am actually telling you about 451 people who have shared their personal data with us in a survey we conducted some time back and we are presenting you the data in this article. That data will help you know how others think […]


Basics of Income Tax explained for Beginners [VIDEO Inside]

This is a guest post by one of our readers and our financial planning client Mr. Rahul Udare from Mumbai. He is CA by profession, and he has created a 45 min excellent video for beginners on the topic of Income Tax. This video below will help anyone understand various things related to income tax […]


Should you invest in ESPP plan? Here are 2 critical points everyone should know

Today we will talk about various aspects of ESPP Plan? We will also see if it really makes sense to invest in your employers ESPP plan or not, and what are the pros and cons of that. For those who have no idea about ESPP, its full form is Employee Stock Purchase Plans and It’s […]


70% investors are “Asset Poor” – What about you?

70% of people feel that they are “Asset Poor” as per my recent survey. Are you one of them? No matter how much you earn or how much wealth you have created until now, you will fall into one of the following 4 categories. Asset Rich, Income Rich Asset Rich, Income Poor Asset Poor, Income […]


Apply compounding to your life – Secret of creating a great financial life

To create wealth, you have to first get in touch with the power of compounding. I am not just talking about the mathematical concept here but making the “compounding” your way of life. You will understand what I am talking about as you move forward. Today’s write-up is close to my heart. It is not […]


5 Asset Classes Explained – A simple guide for beginner Investors

Today I am going to teach you about “asset classes”, which is the most primary lesson every investor should go through. Understanding asset classes is very important for an investor because when you invest your money in any financial product, then in the background, it goes to a certain asset class only. The world of […]


10 taxes we pay in India – The layman’s guide

There are many different kinds of tax paid by us in India; however, we don’t have a lot of clarity on each kind of tax and what it means. Hence I thought I will give a brief overview of the overall India taxation system. So in this post I will explain various kind of taxes […]


How mutual funds operate internally and have strong structure ?

Today, I want to help you understand how a mutual fund operates in layman language and how its structure looks like. How various entities come together to create a mutual fund. There are a lot of investors who are new to mutual funds concept and they have just heard about the mutual funds. All they […]


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