Apply compounding to your life – Secret of creating a great financial life

To create wealth, you have to first get in touch with the power of compounding. I am not just talking about the mathematical concept here, but making the “compounding” your way of life. You will understand what I am talking about as you move forward. Today’s write-up is close to my heart. It is not […]


5 Asset Classes Explained – A simple guide for beginner Investors

Today I am going to teach you about “asset classes”, which is the most primary lesson every investor should go through. Understanding asset classes is very important for an investor because when you invest your money in any financial product, then in the background, it goes to a certain asset class only. The world of […]


10 taxes we pay in India – The layman’s guide

There are many different kinds of tax paid by us in India; however we don’t have a lot of clarity on each kind of tax and what it means. Hence I thought I will give a brief overview of the overall India taxation system. So in this post I will explain various kind of taxes […]


How mutual funds operate internally and have strong structure ?

Today, I want to help you understand how a mutual fund operate’s in layman language and how its structure looks like. How various entities come together to create a mutual fund. There are a lot of investors who are new to mutual funds concept and they have just heard about mutual fund. All they know […]


Why is ICICI bank charging redemption fees on Payback points usage?

This is a guest post by a reader Prithvi, who wanted to share his views on the redemption charges by ICICI bank on the payback points. Here goes the article which was sent by Prithvi to me over email. We would like to have discussion on this topic and see what every one else has […]


Why your credit report remarks matter more than high credit score?

So, you have been reading a lot about CIBIL these days and you have got an impression that having a high credit score like 800 or 850 is a key to get your any kind of loan? If that’s the case, let me break your myth that having a high credit score is not a […]


ICICI launches “Smart Vault” – Robotic technology in bank lockers

ICICI Bank has recently launched “Smart Vault” which is a cutting edge robot managed locker service. There is almost no intervention with the bank staff and the security is very high. Watch the video below to understand how it works. Here is how the “Smart Vault” is operated Locker owner will swipe their debit card […]


No claim rejection for life insurance policies older than 3 yrs – IRDA

There is very good news for those who have bought life insurance policies (especially term plans). From now on, life insurance companies will not be able to reject claims for any policy which is 3 yrs old. Yes, you read it correctly. No Claim rejection after 3 yrs If your policy is 3 yrs old, […]


Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Launched – Here are 6 important Facts

Today I want to share some quick facts regarding Sovereign Gold Bonds which was announced in budget session and recently mentioned by our Prime minister. RBI is going to issue something called Sovereign Gold Bonds for investors who want to benefit from the movement from Gold prices. It’s an alternative way to invest in gold apart […]


9 ultimate checklist to know if your financial life is on track or not?

Let’s quickly see today what I call as a good checklist to find out if your financial life is on track? Are you doing well? When can you say that your financial life is an ideal financial life? What are those parameters?  Is high income good? Is having low expenses great? Is having 50 lacs in […]


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