Manish Chauhan is the chief blogger and Founder of . He has authored hundreds of articles and have answered over 20,000 queries in last 3 yrs. He is the front face of jagoinvestor and has been actively involved in understanding Indian investor psychology and thier needs when it comes to Personal Finance. Manish is fond of cooking, trekking and he likes to watch lots of TV sitting on his tounge shaped beanbag.

Nandish Desai is the Chief Financial Coach and is source of inspiration and innovative idea’s at Jagoinvestor. He is the back face of jagoinvestor and mainly involved with clients. Nandish brings in strong expertise in area of training and coaching people in their financial life. Nandish connects financial life with overall life and gives a totally new perspective to fix financial issues. Nandish is fond of exercising , reading lots of books and he likes to explore new places.