Reality of Financial Planning – Knowledge and Perception

Sometime back, I had a Financial Planning Survey on “Where do you place your self on understanding and knowledge of Personal finance and Financial Planning”. In total 96 people participated in the poll. Let’s see how the result compares overall. What were the results and what is the reality and what reasons are connected for […]

What is the goal of Financial Planning

We talk about Financial planning on this Blog. Today let’s see in this article what is the goal of Financial Planning? More importantly what Financial planning is not!! Most of the people think that Financial Planning is about getting great returns and about Finding the best Insurance for yourself and about having better than average […]

Financial Planning and Stock Market Seminar in Bangalore

We had a Free session on Personal Finance and Stock Market Basics on last Sunday , 2nd Aug . There were total of 17 participants , I talked about Basics of Investing and Insurance principles along with a live case study , where I proved why one of the participant was severely underinsured , I […]

6 Steps of doing Retirement Planning by yourself

In this post I will teach on how to plan for retirement. We will use simple tools like Mutual Funds and PPF for building Retirement Corpus. We will also see what factors you should take into account when you plan for retirement. There can be other ways of doing this and it can be very […]

How Builders are Not keeping their Promises in Real Estate

Deepak Shenoy came up with a very nice article on How Builders are not keeping there promises while delivering the Residential Properties. He shares his views on Why it does not make sense to buy Real estate currently at idiotic prices level currently . He also links to another article of this where he compares […]

Why you should Plan your Taxes at the start of the Year?

Most of the people take care of there 80C at the end of the year around Jan-Mar . Ideally it should be at the start of the year . Let us see why its should be done at the start of the year itself to plan your taxes. Following are the 4 most important reasons […]