Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS) – How it works and Rules

Are you looking for a safe option to invest your money and earn decent returns? If yes, then I can explore one of the post office schemes. Today, we look at post office monthly income schemes (POMIS) which are not that well-known among urban investors. We often look to fixed deposits and other debt options […]


Monthly Income Plan : A detailed guide on MIP’s

Monthly Income Plans– When you hear it for the first time, you get a feeling that it’s some kind of assured and non-risky product that will deliver you uninterrupted monthly income, but it’s not exactly that way. Do you have a lot of cash which you want to park somewhere with the expectation of better […]


A video on 7 Income Tax saving tips you might not know

Are you bored of regular income tax-saving tips? Are you looking for some tips which are different, kinda unique and not very well known? If yes, then you’re reading the right article, mate! I will share some tips which would help you in the area of income tax saving. Some of these tips will help you in […]


Are you sharing agents commission ? Its Illegal

“Discount kitna doge ! Mishra ji mujhe 35% de rahe hain ” , as per Rakesh ,this is exactly how a lot of customers ask their agents commission to be shared with them in Insurance or Mutual funds. Have you ever asked your agent how much discount he can give you on the premium? This […]


Who will be the nominee for your financial products? – Concept of nominee with example

Did you think that your nominee is the person, who will get all the money legally from your Life Insurance Policy and Mutual funds investments? Ha! That is exactly what you’d think if you aren’t aware of the legal aspects. We assume a lot of things which sounds like they’re obvious, but are not true […]


Beware of Loading and Co-pay in Mediclaim Policies

Today we discuss two concepts in Health Insurance, generally present in the policy document, which policyholders are not normally aware about, because they don’t care to look at those clauses. We are talking about concept of Loading and Co-Pay . Let’s talk about both the concepts one by one. What is Loading in Health Insurance […]


Invest in Gold and Silver through E-Gold and E-Silver

The traditional, age old ways of buying gold have been ways like gold ornaments from jewellers or coins, bars, biscuits from banks or jewellers. However, since the last few years, new ways of buying gold have emerged. These include buying gold in demat form (electronic), through gold futures, gold ETFs and the latest one is […]


Two awesome and hidden Health Insurance products

Today, I will discuss about two  Health Insurance policies which are not very known or popular. However, these policies are unique and reasonably priced. These policies are sold by National Insurance Company Ltd and Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. The insurance policies, which I am talking about, are not single products but a combination of two […]


Making sense of the market through Sensex at MRP

In the previous article, we looked at Stocks@MRP and how a stock can have a price tag. Moving further, we now discuss how the concept of Stocks@MRP has been extended even to the benchmark index : Sensex . Also there is an example of one stock each considerably above and below its MRP. The inherent […]


Now, Stocks too have a MRP Tag

Have you ever asked what is the MRP of a stock ? I don’t think so ! The reason many investors shy away from investing in stock markets is because it seems to be a gamble. With the markets fluctuating every day, dropping or rising at the slightest bit of concern or euphoria, one is […]




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