Convert your Mutual funds into demat form

Do you have all your mutual funds investments in different companies and are looking for aggregating them at a common place? If so, there’s some good news for you. Now you can convert all your existing Mutual funds into demat form, which means that you can now have it electronically stored in your demat account, […]


Some easy steps to follow while buying a Life Insurance policy in India

Have you already bought Life Insurance ? Though you might have done the sin of being underinsured, I would say its fine, because today we are going to look at detailed steps of buying Life Insurance and we will also learn a lot of things. Almost everyone has his own set of doubts regarding Life […]


Buying Health Insurance Policies Online

Finding a suitable health insurance policy is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. There are 21 health insurance companies in India and many offer more than one type of health insurance product. Joining the bandwagon are life insurance companies that are now offering health insurance policies as well! So how do you buy […]


Tips while Buying House, Real life experiences

Are you thinking of buying your dream house? If yes , then you must be having a lot of questions and you must be looking some guidance from everyone you know, Why not utilize the knowledge of readers here. Buying House in India Over the last couple of days I was tying to catch up […]


How to choose Medical Insurance Policy ?

Does premium amount guide your decision on whether to buy a medical insurance policy? No. Premiums are not the only factor to consider when buying a medical insurance policy. These factors need to be taken into consideration before looking at the premiums. 1# TPA (Third Party Administrator) These days, companies have an in-house settlement process and […]


How to insure your Credit and Debit Cards ?

Last night I was having dinner with my friends and suddenly on of the friend realized that he has lost his wallet. The problem was not the cash in the wallet, or the cards. It was the misuse of the card and contacting card issuers to block the cards as soon as possible . Have […]


GFactor , A decision making tool for Financial products

How do you find out if a product suits your requirement ? What about a very simple calculation which can take into account most important requirements like lock in factor , complexity of a product , your requirement and its return and risk potential and tells you if it really suits your requirement. This Post […]


How to calculate Future Value of your monthly Investments

Lets say you want to invest Rs 2,000 per month for 10 yrs and then want to leave it for next 20 yrs to grow . How will you calculate it ? Do you know ? Today we will see this basic calculation and learn how to find out the amount you can generate . […]


Investing sensibly in the stock market

The common view of the stock market is that, it’s a place for gamblers and risk takers. Only if you have the capital, and the nerve to take risks, should you invest money in the stock market. Otherwise one is better off staying away from the stock market and putting money in safe fixed deposits. […]


What are Different ways of Buying Mutual Funds

There was a time, when mutual fund investing was limited to calling an agent and investing through him. He filled a form for you, and only bothered you for signatures; This was called as “convenient service.”.  Things have changed now though. With entry loads abolished by SEBI and with so many technological advances, we have […]




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