Why Stock Markets Attract and Look Easy

This is going to be important and useful series of article. Today we will discuss how a new-comer to stock market should start. In these series of articles we will discuss following things. Why stock markets attract and look easy Understanding what you want to do exactly What are important things when you are in […]


“Value Investing” vs “Growing a Tree”

Investments are similar to small plants; they need time to grow and flourish. Most of the investors make a common mistake of not giving enough time to their investments to grow and take a good shape. If you think about how you plant a sapling and manage it well for years so that it can […]


Value Investing by using Nifty PE

Let us see some analysis of current market conditions. Most of the people are rushing to buy now for long term . but this may not be a market to buy for long term. I am myself Bullish now, but for short term not long term. I would not be surprised to see markets rise […]


Most important questions you should ask a ULIP agent

When an agent approaches you with ULIP product; before filling up forms, he should be explaining you What is a ULIP and how it works! You should ask him the following 6 questions to make sure you know what you are about to buy! 1. What are the returns offered by this ULIP? As per the rules […]


Video Post explaining "How to choose a good mutual Fund"

I am trying out a video post for the first time ,I am sure you all would like it . I have talked about How to Choose Mutual Funds . Have a look . I have explained how to look for mutual funds and how to compare them with other . Make sure you choose […]


How to Calculate Net Present Value (NPV) and how to use it?

In this post we will talk about How to think and calculate Net Present Value of a transaction involving Financial Payment, and why its important to understand the concept. Consider the following Example : You have to lend Rs 1,00,000 to one of your friends and He is offering you following choices. Choice 1 : […]


How to Calculate Capital Gains and What is Indexation ?

In this post we will learn How to calculate Capital Gains or Losses. A lot of people make mistake in this . If you buy a house in 1995 at Rs.10 lacs and sell it at Rs.20 lacs in 2009. On how much profit will you pay the tax? If your answer is Rs.10 lacs , […]


A Small tutorial on “How to start Trading?”

What does it takes to be successful in Trading ? We are going to see 2 articles on this subject, this is Part 1. In this part I will give introduction to Trading and tell you what exactly is it and how should you approach it (if you want to do it). Dr. Alexander Elder, […]


Why you should Plan your Taxes at the start of the Year?

Most of the people take care of there 80C at the end of the year around Jan-Mar . Ideally it should be at the start of the year . Let us see why its should be done at the start of the year itself to plan your taxes. Following are the 4 most important reasons […]


How to use Oscillators to BUY an SELL

Hi This is 4th part of the “How to be a better than average Investor” series of articles. Today’s lesson is on Oscillators . What are Oscillators : Oscillators are the indicators which move from overbought to oversold area, generally from 0 to 100. when they are nearing 100 it means stocks are overbought and […]


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