What are Different ways of Buying Mutual Funds

There was a time, when mutual fund investing was limited to calling an agent and investing through him. He filled a form for you, and only bothered you for signatures; This was called as “convenient service.”.  Things have changed now though. With entry loads abolished by SEBI and with so many technological advances, we have […]


How to Open a PPF account at SBI Bank

Most of us want to open a PPF account, but keep postponing it just because we don’t know the requirement of doing so? It seen that majority people open their PPF account with State Bank of India. Let us see 3 easy steps of opening a PPF account in SBI branch.  The whole process does not […]


A short guide to Hire a Good Financial Planner in India

Are you looking for Financial Planner? If you are, you should go through this article that talks about almost all the necessary information you need before hiring a financial planner. Most of the clients are confused on simple things like, where to find a good financial planner, what they should expect from financial planner and […]


How to Miss your Income Tax Returns (ITR) Deadline

Did you miss your deadline for filing the tax return by 31st July? Most of us pay the taxes before the deadline of 31st Mar, but when it comes to filing the return we are lazy people and many times we make mistakes in hurry. However very less people know that even if you have […]


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