How to redeem mutual funds units – Procedure and Forms to fill ?

Most of the people investing in mutual funds through agent offline have this question – “How to redeem mutual funds ?”.  mutual funds investors often do not know what the procedure to redeem these mutual funds. I redeemed some of my ELSS mutual funds (HDFC tax saver , Sundaram Taxsaver, HDFC long term advantage Fund […]


How to file your income tax returns online in 6 easy steps

What is the best way to File your income tax returns online ? Tax filing season is on and most of us will still wake up after few days. I will talk about efiling your tax returns with govt website and also private websites like taxspanner, taxsmile and investmentyogi which are autorised by income tax […]


How Chit Funds Works

What are Chit funds and how do Chit funds work ? There are lots of chit funds in india like shriram chit funds , margadarsi chit funds and I would like to show you how chit funds exactly work and what are pros and cons in Chit funds. Over the past many years there has been […]


How EMI’s Principle and Interest breakup is done

Do you know who to calculate principle and interest part in your home loan’s EMI break up? Do you know how each EMI is distributed to principal and interest repayments? It is extremely important to have this knowledge because a lot of real life decisions like prepaying the loan, opting for the loan tenure and […]


What is Banking Ombudsman ?

Do you know you can complain to Banking Ombudsman incase you have any complaints against your bank in India ? Banking Ombudsman is a body created by RBI to look after banking related complaints. Imagine the scenario’s – You insert your card in ATM to withdraw Rs 500. The transaction fails, but your account is […]


How to plan for retirement and think about retirement in India

How will your retirement look like? Have you thought about anything on retirement planning ? This is something, which you should spend some time on. Our parents and grand-parents might not have given much importance to their retirement, they might have just took it as it came to them, but can we also afford to […]


Calculate returns from your Insurance Policies [Video]

How many times have you come across a situation when you wanted to know the returns from your Policies , It can be Endowment Plans , Money-back plans , Pension plans or a ULIP plan . You might be some money going out of your pocket in some years and money might be coming in […]


5 mistakes I made in my first stock market Investment

Do you remember your first stock market trade and how you behaved at the time? Just like you, even I, have made some really stupid mistakes in stock market Investment. Today, I would like to share some mistakes (only the big ones 🙂 ) which I made during my first trade in stock markets. Its […]


17 most important questions that you should know before buying Health Insurance

Are you confused about many things when it comes to Health Insurance in India ? Are you afraid of rules and regulation in Mediclaim policies ? Don’t you have a clear idea about how will you deal with various things in Health Insurance and delaying your decision of taking a Health Policy ? Today we […]


Convert your Mutual funds into demat form

Do you have all your mutual funds investments in different companies and are looking for aggregating them at a common place? If so, there’s some good news for you. Now you can convert all your existing Mutual funds into demat form, which means that you can now have it electronically stored in your demat account, […]


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