Jagoinvestor Wealth Club Starts today- India’s first online wealth club

Would you like to be a part of committed investors community to create more wealth? Would you like to be a part of structure that helps you live a good financial life? Why not join us to help you provide a structure that makes you a better Investor. For good health we go to health […]


8 things I learned by quitting my full time job

Haven’t we all faced this at one time or the other? The pain of staying in your job getting worse than the pain of leaving your job ? If the answer is yes, this article is for you. I am writing this article after Sunil asked a related question on leaving a job and starting a […]


Wife gets 50% share in husband’s property after divorce – India Law

Do you love your wife? You better do ! There were few changes proposed weeks back in the marriage laws in India, which everybody should be aware about. A bill called “Marriage Law’s (Amendment) Bill 2010” was passed by the cabinet, which is pending for discussion in Rajya Sabha and some major changes in the […]


Shocking ! – Job Rejection due to Bad CIBIL Report

Your credit score is going to affect your Employment. You can face job rejection due to it! . Yes – that’s happening already. A lot of companies especially Finance and Software Companies have started asking candidates to present their CIBIL report and score (or any other credit report) at the time of  interview and it […]


Results of Personal Finance Quiz – with answers

I took a personal finance quiz last week, in which close to 1,000 people participated. It was amazing to see the participation and the way you guys took the survey. I am now publishing all the questions with correct answers and the explanation for the answers , along with some observations (results and how different […]


Personal Finance Quiz to test your Knowledge – 10 questions

How much do you understand personal finance ? You must be reading this blog from last many months or years, now lets see how much you know. We have designed this short 10 question personal finance quiz to see your knowledge. Just answer these 10 questions and pick and answer from the drop down. I […]


Charity Week – Break your Attachment with Money

We are all living in a world where we are conditioned and functioned to GET than to GIVE. Since childhood, I have been trained to focus more on getting than on giving. Getting good grades, getting admission in a good college, getting good placements, getting awards and getting good salary packages. We had some realization […]


Best Credit Card In India – Review of top 6 cards

Most of the people who apply for a credit card in India, do not pay much attention at the time of taking the card, but later get frustrated by the card itself for various reasons high bad customer service , hidden charges and several other factors. The obvious question then is, which is the best […]


Financial Literacy in School – very soon

Soon your children will start getting financial literacy in their school itself. A lot of developed countries like UK , Netherlands, Spain etc have their national strategy for Financial education in place and a lot of other countries like India have been thinking and formulating this from long time. Recently a draft for the financial […]


Does Govt work for Financial Services?

This is not an allegation, but I want to understand how things are related and putting 3 points which shows how govt policies are influenced by the financial services sector. No tax on Saving Bank interest up to Rs 10,000 Some time back, there was this craze for liquid funds. The money will earn a […]


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