Withdrawal from EPF accounts with help of Fake Bank details and Corruption !

Every month when you get your salary, a big chunk of that money is transferred to your EPF (Employee Provident Fund) account. Over the years, you would have accumulated significant sums of money in your EPF account and would be feeling excited at the prospect of earning good interest on those sums. However, your EPF […]


Is your Company Depositing your EPF money ? Are you Sure?

I don’t want to shock you, but there are tons of cases where employer happily deducts your EPF amount from your salary, but they do not deposit it with EPFO. This goes on for years and one day you come to know that you are stuck ! , because there is no EPF money for […]


Online EPF Transfer and Withdrawal from July 1, 2013 – Great News !

Starting July 1, 2013 , EPF account holders will be able to withdraw or transfer their EPF accounts from one employer to another employer online. EPFO has said that they are working on setting up a central clearance house which will be operational from July 1, 2013 . One of the major problems faced by employees […]


Yes ! – You can withdraw your EPF without Employer Signature

Do you know how to withdraw your EPF without Employer Signature ? Do you think if its possible at all ? Is your previous employer not signing your EPF Withdrawal documents? Have you left your company long back and now you can not take your past employer signatures ? Or is your EPF company stuck […]


EPF e-Passbook – Check Employee Provident Fund Balance Online

Good news for EPF account holders. Now you can check your Employee provident fund balance online using the new e-passbook service by EPFO website. EPFO has introduced a new concept called “EPF Account Passbook” , which will allow EPF Account holders to download their EPF Balance passbook at any time they want, which means you can […]


10 hidden EPF Rules which will blow your mind

We will discuss few EPF rules today. A small part of your salary (12% of your basic salary) is invested in something called EPF or Employee Provident Fund and an equal amount is matched by your employer each month. This is what 95% people know, but there are many things which a lot of people […]


How to Check EPF Balance online ?

A lot of us do not have even an idea on how much money we have in our Employee Providend fund account (EPF) and how to check EPF Balance online or offline. So in this post we will see how one can check his EPF balance online and get the details back through sms . Earlier […]


EPF interest rate increases to 9.5% for 2010-2011

On 15 September 2010, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) raised the interest rate for EPF accounts by 1% for 2010-11. The organisation increased the interest rate to 9.5% for 2010-11 from 8.5% in the previous year. This 9.5% is the highest in the last five years. However, one needs to understand that the 1% […]


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