How money shapes our life? An amazing “money story” of Priyanka

Today you are going to read “money story” of Priyanka Jadhao from Pune. She is 26 yrs of age and just started her career few months back. She will be discussing about her life journey till date from the money perspective. I mean she will talk about her view about money, the incidents from her […]


The myth of “Early Retirement” – A real life case study !

This article is a guest post by one of our readers Vikram Agarwal, who wanted to share his experience on the concept of “Early Retirement”. Vikram was generous enough to share his story and some of the real-life things which will make you think hard about this concept. Like Vikram, if you feel you can […]


From successful CA to Entrepreneur – Real life Journey of Umesh

Here is the real-life story of Umesh, who is one of our long time readers. He agreed to share his life story on how he turned from a successful CA to an Entrepreneur. I am sure it will be an inspiring read for other readers and we all can take some learning’s from his story. […]


I don’t own a flat like Techie guys – So What ?

This is a guest post which is already published on Ravi Karandeekar’s blog, which is an excellent blog when it comes to real estate (more related to Pune). Ravi discusses various projects and his experience meeting with Builders and various stories of real estate frauds etc. A few days back, I read a real-life story […]


Financial Life of a cab driver & life of Mumbai

I recently visited Mumbai for some work and it was 7:15 pm in the evening. When I came out of a building in Andheri East, Mumbai. I had booked a cab from Pune to Mumbai and I was now ready to be back. I called up the cab driver and here is the conversation… ME […]


5 Inspiring Success stories of people who actually increased their Income? [Bonus FREE EBOOK Download]

With this bonus article, our increasing income series comes to an end. Over the last few weeks, we have been writing articles which focused on increasing income and also shared lots of ideas around it. We decided to end this series by sharing some interesting real life stories. We also take this opportunity to thank […]


How Delay in Land Registration Costed Rs 50 lacs to Vivek – Real Life Experience

I want to share a real-life incident. One of my friend Vivek told me how he lost Rs 50 lacs worth of Land in one shot because his grandfather made a mistake of not doing land registration on time and kept delaying it for so long, that it was finally too late. It was just […]


How Axis Bank fooled a Home Loan Customer – Real life Case

This post is to bring to you notice how banks can get you in trouble while signing the home loan documents and use your casualness and trust to force-sell you some junk product. Recently one of our readers Nitin Mittal took a home loan from Axis Bank after a lot of research and study, but […]


How two readers got justice and got their money back

Today I want to show you how 2 fellow readers of this blog were in a fix when it came to their hard-earned money and they were struggling to get justice from their respective banks and financial institutions. They mailed me and commented on this blog and when I saw those comments, I thought – “lets […]


Real Story about an Investor who Fought for 9 months with ICICI Bank

Can you fight back ? Really ? If you were taken for granted as a customer by some Bank or any institution and you were forcibly sold some product by officials at some Organisation assuming you are a weak customer who will not raise his voice and fall in trap , What would you do […]


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