Example of mis-leading financial product advertisement

Does False and Misleading Advertisements come under the heading of “Mis-Selling” ? Have you ever saw a financial product advertisement where numbers are tweaked and framed in such a way, that the financial product looks very attractive and not-to-miss deal ? You see the advertisement and nothing looks wrong to you and you just concentrate […]


Why Women dont ask for their Share in Inherited Property and Wealth ?

Let’s talk about Women and Inheritance today. Our Indian culture, has for thousands of years treated men as someone who lead families and be the heads of next generation and women as someone who will go to some other family after marriage and start a new life. This has been deeply rooted in all our […]


How you CHOOSE to mess your financial life and never realise !

Do you make a choice or take decisions in your financial life ? A lot of people have not taken lots of important actions in their financial life, which they should have taken long back!. You have to understand that you are making a choice by not taking those actions. When you take some action or do […]


How a newcomer should start his financial life – 4 steps

Today we will talk about how a newcomer or a fresh investor start his investment journey. We will see 4 steps which a newcomer can follow to start his invstments. I see a lot of new people on the blog asking things like Hey Manish I am totally new to this world of investing, I […]


Download this Free Audio Conversation – Slow Down & Grow Rich

We are giving away a Free audio on Slowing Down and Grow Rich which we created for our Jagoinvestor Wealth Club last week. The Audio is totally FREE for all our blog readers. Slow Down & Grow Rich For a moment look around and see you will find everyone is in RUSH (including you). You […]


Planning for Unexpected Expenses – Why it makes sense !

Have you ever heard someone say something like – “I had planned to buy a car from last 2 yrs and I was saving for it regularly with discipline, but I think I will have to delay my decision because some thing urgent and unexpected cropped up in between! . It happens all the time.” Here are some […]


Misselling or Misbuying – What’s your case ?

Misselling is a very common word used these days by everyone. It’s been projected in such a way for the last few years that people have started feeling all agents and companies are engaged in looting the public. But maybe there’s another angle to this and maybe we need think a bit & answer a big question – Is it […]


Can your assets support your for next 30 yrs ? Download this Calculator and Find Out !

If you have Rs 50 lacs with you and you want to generate some consistent income for next many years, how many years you can generate income? Think about it! Put some very high level calculations in your mind and try to come up with some numbers! . Will it be able to generate a […]


Charity Week – Break your Attachment with Money

We are all living in a world where we are conditioned and functioned to GET than to GIVE. Since childhood, I have been trained to focus more on getting than on giving. Getting good grades, getting admission in a good college, getting good placements, getting awards and getting good salary packages. We had some realization […]


First 5 yrs of your earning life – Does it matter ?

A lot of people complain that they do not have much wealth in their life despite earning from many years. This brings an important points in question. What did they do in the first 5 yrs of their earning life? Its very clear that the first 5 yrs of your earning life leaves a very big […]


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