Income is not Wealth

Let me ask you a question. Ajay earns Rs 1 lac per month, and his friend Robert earns Rs 40,000 per month. Who is more rich and in better position ? In all probabilities most of the people would say Ajay because he earns more than Robert and that too 2.5 times of Robert’s salary. […]


The biggest financial advice – Saying NO

“No” is one of the non-complicated word – Simply two letters. Yet saying “No” out loud is hard for most people. Welcome to the world of personal finance where saying NO is tough and 90% of the people reading this blog might have a messed up financial life because of a single reason that they […]


“Someday” Is code for “Never”

I got an interesting question in my mail box – “Can you please coach me on How can I overcome my casual approach towards my finances and live a good financial life?”  The thing is that deep down we already know how to live a good financial life; the issue is that we are somewhere […]


what a fly can teach you about Financial Planning

Why some idiots don’t Plan out things in life? – Hey we are not saying this but it’s a message from a “one minute fly” to all of us. The fly is here to ask you one question what do you want to achieve in the one precious, unrepeatable life that you have? Really go deeper and figure […]


Financial advice for free or fee, what’s more expensive?

“Jo cheez free mein milti hai uska paisa kyon de bhai?” said one person when his financial advisor asked him to pay a fee for advice, something which he has been giving free for the last 4 years. It may sound obvious that if you are getting something for free then why should one pay […]


7 basics of Personal Finance you should know

Today I am going to write on a simple topic which will highlight some basics of personal finance, which you can see as axioms or the core rules of personal finance. If you understand these simple rules then you can probably build lot of understanding and strong knowledge about money. Some days ago I heard […]


Endowment Effect affects your financial decisions

Do you know that you are holding some of the bad financial products in your portfolio? Also you are not clearing some of this mess because of a very well-known behavioural concept called “Endowment Effect”. Did you know that this same behavioural concept is used by the sellers to make more sales! I will talk […]


Secret of Extraordinary Financial Life – Taking Actions

If asked, “Do you have a lot of knowledge about personal finance?” You would say “Yes, of course!” Now, on the next question, “Is your financial life great?” For most of you it would be “No”. We all know term plans are required, we need to start the SIPs to meet financial goals, we need […]


What is your Money Personality ?

Do you know what your money personality is? Now you must be thinking what is the meaning of “Money Personality”? Let me give you a hint! . Ajay earns a lot of money, but his financial life is not that great, the main reason is that he is too conservative with his investments and all […]


Conversation with a Financial Coach

Today I am going to share with you a financial coaching tip called “Opportunities in your financial life” , which intends to show you that there are already opportunities in your life which at times you dont look at and feel as if its not there and you have to work hard to find one […]


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