The shortest guide for a 22 yr old to start investing his money ?

I was on Quora some days back when I came across an answer by Yuvraj Wadhwani on a thread called “How should a 22-year-old in India invest his/her money?” . It was such a beautiful answer and loaded with awesome advice to someone young to start their financial journey in life. I instantly contacted Yuvraj, […]


Does your Income tax website account have your CA phone number ? You can now claim it back

Let me start by sharing with you what was the situation of millions of tax payers in India till now. If they wanted to do e-filing and went to income tax website and tried to login to their account, they failed at it, because they did not have the password, because it was created by […]


How this Lady paid Rs 25,000 in pay-order charges for claiming her PPF maturity amount

Is your PPF account going to mature very soon ? You are excited to finally redeem your years of saved money in PPF account. But do you know that some banks are playing with some investors ignorance and charging them hefty amount in the name of DD charges or Pay-order charges to give bank the […]


Meet this 15 yr old youngest participant from our Mumbai Investor Workshop + Some Pictures

We completed our Mumbai workshop just 2 days back on Sunday and it was a great experience overall to connect with our readers . However there were 2 most amazing experience which I want everybody else to know about. Youngest participant was just 15 yrs old Yes, you read it right .. One of the […]


Are you suffering from “I don’t have time to read Policy Document” Syndrome ?

As an investor, I am sure you have done something with your money. You have put your money in some or the other financial product – assuming it is going to help you in creating wealth or it is going to help you in some way or the other. The way some movies have flashback, […]


Design your financial life 2.0 Registration Opens  – Mumbai , Bangalore, Pune

Day before yesterday we released video of our Design your financial life 2.0 and we had influx of mails from all over asking for more details about the program. We are so touched by the excitement level that some of you hold in your heart. Below is the video which explains what this program is […]


How can you add an “extra” Godrej lock in your bank locker and make it 10 times more secure?

Today you are going to learn how you can add an “extra” 3rd lock in your bank locker and make it really more secure compared to what it is now at this moment. This information is really hidden one and almost no one is aware about this really interesting and useful thing. I would like […]


LIC Online Term Plan Launched – 37% cheaper than Offline version

Good News! . Finally LIC Online Term plan is launched. The name of its online term policy is LIC e-Term and can be bought via LIC Direct initiative. Investors community was waiting for this online term insurance from LIC from very long time and finally many will buy the term plan to cover their family. In […]


Last Bootcamp Batch of this season from 19th May (Free Wealthclub membership worth Rs 4,999)

It is said that all the good things come to an end; with this article we are announcing the last batch of our online Boot camp. Initially we planned to conduct such boot camps on regular basis but looking at our current schedule and projects on hand we won’t be able to conduct boot camps […]


7 Special Things YOU can do for your Parents – along with Buying Health Insurance

Today’s article is not about which health insurance you should buy for your parents or how much health cover you should buy, the intention of this article is to help you to do something special for your parents health than just buying health cover for them. This is something that no insurance company or website […]


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