6th Batch of Online Investor Bootcamp starts from 7th April – Limited Members

A few months back we started something called “Investor’s bootcamp”- which is an online tribe of action oriented investors. Till now more than 250+ people have participated in our investor bootcamp and the results have been amazing so far (People have produced unprecedented results in their financial life). We want every investor on our blog […]


How I arranged my financial life in 4 steps – The Inside Story of my real life

Today I am sharing my real life story of how I arranged my financial life. Our financial lives over time gets messed up because we are lost in our jobs and family and everyday some new information or financial document enter our life and gets piled up. We keep stuffing documents here and there in […]


What exactly is Financial Planning – 8 things we learnt after working with 300+ clients

“Financial planning” is the NEW buzz word these days all over the internet, TV channels and newspapers. These days even bank employees are selling a lot of financial products on the name of “Financial Planning” . Investors are literally bombarded with the word – Financial Planning from various sources like blogs, articles, advisors and every […]


Penalty Charges on failed transactions due to insufficient balance at other banks ATM

Imagine this situation. You are in urgent need of cash and looking around for your bank ATM, but you are not able to locate one, but you can see other banks ATM and then finally you give up and want to withdraw the cash from other banks ATM knowing that its FREE to withdraw the […]


5 awesome ideas which can transform your financial life

2014 has already started and you must be feeling reinvigorated – just as you were when 2013 started :). How then do you expect 2014 to be different from 2013? Let me explain a bit. When we get on call with some of our clients, we ask them – “Do you want your next 5 […]


List of awesome projects lined up in 2014 on Jagoinvestor

Hi All readers, Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! We take this opportunity to thank you for being an integral part of our community. Year 2013 was a great year for us and we will continue to serve investors community in the similar fashion. We take this opportunity to share […]


Review of iWish Recurring Deposit from ICICI Bank

Around December last year, ICICI Bank launched a flexible Recurring Deposit scheme called “iWish”. Customers with an ICICI savings account and who have access to Internet banking can use the iWish facility. Here’s how Login to the iWish section in your ICICI saving bank account Define a goal (like buying a laptop, vacation, down-payment on […]


Review of book – “Easy Money – Evolution of Money from Robinson Crusoe to the First World War”

Do you want to learn how money evolved in this world ? How did the concept of money took birth ? Today it might look very easy and intuitive to see and manage money, but it has long history and a very interesting one! . I always used to wonder about these topics, but got […]


The Shocking story of – How LIC policy was surrendered using Forged Signature

Can someone else surrender your LIC policy and take the money ? I know you have never ever thought this can happen, because this looks so impossible, but I want to share an incident with you all which happened with Muthu (name changed), who is one of our jagoinvestor reader. One day, Muthu came to […]


Entering ATM PIN is now compulsory when you use Debit Cards

RBI has made it mandatory to punch your PIN number, when you use your debit card on shopping outlets (Big bazaar, Petrol Pumps, Shops) from Dec 1 2013. I realised just few days back that this has already started. I was shopping for household things at a mall nearby and was asked to punch in […]


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