PPF a/c.- bank payorder charges.

POSTED BY premji b ON March 6, 2013 11:10 am COMMENTS (2)

State bank of Hyderabad recovered about Rs.900/- for issuing their banker’s cheque (pay order) for PPF part withdrawal.

I am told that as per the PPF rules, the bank cannot recover any charges for issue of Banker’s cheque or pay order for PPF withdrawals. However I am unable to find out such rule in print.

What is the correct status regarding the above issue? Which authority will give a authenticated clarification?

6 mar 2013




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  1. Dear Premji, please file an RTI to know the applicable service charges if the amount is withdrawn from PPF account. This way you ‘ll get the clear info within limited time & then only you can decide your future course of action on the basis of info



  2. Genoa says:

    Whoa! Rs. 900/- for issuing cheque within India?

    Open http://www.sbhyd.com/service-charges/
    and search for ‘900’. It gives no such amount.

    1. Call customer care to cross check how much are charges for issuing banker’s cheque (pay order)?
    2. Give written complaint to bank.

    If bank refuses to solve your complaint within 30 days, then go to RBI Banking Ombudsman.

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