Why buying an Endowment policy is not a good choice?

Today we are going to see why Endowment policy should be avoided in any portfolio and how other things are much better than Endowment policy with the same cost . The assumption is that you understand what are Endowment policies and What are Term Insurance Plans, if you don’t know click here to read about […]


Aegon Religare Life Insurance – New hope for Indian Insurance Industry

Aegon Religare Life Insurance which is recently renamed as Aegon Life Insurance is a new Player in Indian Insurance Market. This company seems to have clear understanding about the Insurance Market and what India needs exactly, there main focus is on Term Insurance and that makes it respectable in my opinion, its not like other companies concentrating […]


The amazing truth of partial Profit booking

In this article I’m going to talk about importance of partial profit booking. The scope of this article is only risky investments where we have risk of loss. It’s not related to Debt products where we are sure of returns. Partial profit booking is relevant if you invest in Shares, mutual funds or derivative products. […]


What are Gold Mutual Funds

Gold Funds In India Gold investment is considered as the traditional and most safe toll for investment. In this article I’ m going to tell you what are the alternatives to invest in GOLD other than physical Gold and GOLD ETF? What are Gold Mutual Funds? Gold Funds are mutual funds which invests in stocks […]


Some of the best investment products I know about

When it comes to investment, everyone is conscious and curios to know about the best investment products. In this article I’m going to tell you about few of such products that I know and I thing they will be helpful for you. 1. Term Insurance Term plan is an affordable insurance which provides a full […]


Creating Wealth for Long Term through Equity

We are going to discuss today, a huge wealth creation by investing with discipline over long period of time. We often think that investing a small sum of money will not be able to generate huge Wealth and we need to invest huge amount of money. Creating Wealth Its obviously true that more money will […]


An investment advice for all the beginner investors for their healthy financial life

People say its always a wise thing to Diversify your investments. Its gives you better security and better returns. It minimizes your risk and if one part of your portfolio is doing bad, it will not affect others and you will benefit from other side. That is true, But then there are some things to […]


Understanding what is Fixed Maturity Plan & what are the benefits of FMP?

Attaining financial goals is does not happen overnight, it needs a long term investment. But in case of Stock market, lot of people avoid a long term investment because of the fear of volatility of the returns. Fixed Maturity Plan is the better option for such investors because of its higher security concerns. Let me […]


Everything you want to know about ETF.

Do you want to invest your money more safely? Here is one of the best options for you. ETF i.e. Exchange trade funds are one of the safe way of investing your money in equity market. It is an investment fund traded on stock exchange, much like stock. These are attractive investments because of their low […]


Importance of Health Insurance

What is Health or Medical Insurance ? The term health insurance is generally used to describe a form of insurance that pays for medical expenses. It is sometimes used more broadly to include insurance covering disability or long-term nursing or custodial care needs. To understand it in simple words, you pay some amount of premium […]



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