4 reasons why creating an emergency fund should be a top priority for every investor?

Planning your financial life does not mean planning for your long term financial needs only, It will be incomplete unless you keep an emergency fund for the unexpected emergency situations. In this article i will tell you why it is important to keep emergency fund and how much of this fund you should keep aside. […]


8 keys ratios to look at before buying a share

This is a time when long term investing should be done. If you have spare cash for long term, Equity is for you. But how do you do it? How do you choose them? What are the important things you should look at while buying shares for long term? There are some key things we […]


Some Basic Information on Trading and Investing

Trading and investing are two different things which confuses lot of beginner investors. In this article I’m going to tell you what is trading and investing and how they are different from each other. What is an Index? NIFTY and SENSEX are the Index, they are the indicator of how Markets are performing. An Index […]


Basics of Options trading for beginner investors

Looks like people are very much interested in learning about Derivatives. Let me try to put basic things about Derivatives. Read how you can Hedge your portfolio using PUT options Let me first talk Good things about Options If there is anything in world which can make you instant rich, it’s Options Trading !!! What […]


Returns with options trading

what kind of markets have these been .. a slight news of hope is causing stocks to rally to so much amount which they used to rally in a year . As i write this Citigroup Corp shares have risen 68% in just 1.5 hrs of trading . 68% in a day !! That’s a […]


Introduction to Equities, Debt funds and Liquid Funds – For beginner investors

We will talk about Equity, Debt and Liquid Funds. We will also discuss dividend distribution tax is treated for all these funds. First understand what is DDT (dividend distribution tax) Dividend received from a mutual fund is tax free, but only at receivers hand. But mutual funds have to pay a tax on that dividend […]


Everything you want to know about CRR and Repo rate – How they help !!

Today we will see what is CRR and Repo rate and how they help in combating Inflation and other monitory issues of Economy. CRR and Repo rate are nothing but the tools available in the hands of RBI to maintain the liquidity and growth. You might know what is CRR and Repo Rate, but may not know what […]


Traits of an excellent financial portfolio which makes it better

What makes an Healthy financial Portfolio? There are some good traits of portfolio which makes it better than others. A good and strong portfolio has some strong elements or parameters which it must meet. These are the Pillars for a strong Portfolio or Investments. Important Elements are : 1. Capital Appreciation 2. Liquidity 3. Risk […]


Term of the Day Archives

This page contains all the “Term of the Day” posted on this blog earliar . 1. Short Selling Short Selling : Short Selling refers selling of shares without owning them . If you short sell a stock , you first sell them at higher price and later you buy them (cover them) back at lower […]


Price Vs Value – The difference between Price and Value by investment perspective

A Rose can be of more value than a Dress to your Wife or Girlfriend on Valentines Day. Even though that Rose was very less in Price compared to a Dress. Today we will discuss things about investment products from a different perspective – Value and Price. What is Price and Value? Price : Price […]


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